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Ezi-Pay Overview

Ezi-Pay works like a regular e-wallet. You’ll be asked to open an account, deposit some funds to it, and then use the money for various online transactions. By using this method, you won’t have to provide personal and banking details to online casinos. There are several ways to fund your Ezi-Pay account and some of them are bank wire transfers, credit cards, and Western Union. Ezi-Pay accepts the following currencies: US Dollar, Euros, and Pound Sterling. What sets Ezi-Pay apart is the fact that it offers payment plans with zero interest for its customers, provided that the retailer is part of Ezi-Pay’s network. You just have to pay the initial deposit and the rest of the payment will be debited from your account every two weeks. You can make purchases at online stores. Ezi-Pay is actually a subsidiary of Flexigroup which is Sydney-based and has offices in New Zealand and Ireland.

How to register?

Usually, users will be asked to sign up at the company’s website. However, Ezi-Pay works differently when it comes to its registration process. In order to register, you have to pick an online casino first which includes Ezi-Pay in their list of accepted online payment methods. Once you have successfully found one, you have to create an account. Once you have logged in to your preferred online slot machines by asia, you must go to the Banking or Payments page. Click Ezi-Pay from the selection of payment options. You’ll then be redirected to Ezi-Pay’s registration page. Signing up for an Ezi-Pay account is completely free of charge.

The next thing that you have to do is to fill out the payment plan form. You’ll be asked to indicate the amount that you wish to borrow and how you’re planning to use the money. Then, you’ll be asked to provide some personal information like your full name, address, and date of birth. You’ll also be asked to provide your financial details including your income, financial details, and your preferred payment plan. Once you have completely filled out the form, your application will be submitted. They do ask a lot of information but it’s for the company’s assurance that the money will be paid back.


It’s quite easy to process deposits through Ezi-Pay. Once you have successfully created an online casino account, you can just choose Ezi-Pay as your preferred online payment method from its list of accepted payment options. Then, you just have to enter the approved loan amount from Ezi-Pay. You must first apply for a loan and wait for its approval before you can use Ezi-Pay for deposits. It must also be noted that users will get more credit as they make repayments.


Unfortunately, it’s not possible to withdraw winnings using Ezi-Pay. As of the moment, it’s solely focused on providing credit for customers to use as payment for online transactions. Luckily for players, there are so many online payment methods that process withdrawals.


Although there are fees that customers will be paying for Ezi-Pay transactions, none of them are interest fees. Ezi-Pay is determined to provide a no interest fee credit service for customers. You can find all the charges and fees associated with using Ezi-Pay on the credit payment plan. The initial amount that you need in order to set up your account is between $35 and $90. You can pay this amount over the course of the preferred credit payment plan for your first purchase. For each repayment, you’ll be charged a $2.50 processing fee. On the other hand, having an active account at Ezi-Pay will cost you $3.50 every month.

Customer Support

Ezi-Pay’s customer support system is not very impressive. The assistance that it provides for customers is quite limited. It does not have a live chat function which is easily the best way to respond to a customer’s query or concern. Ezi-Pay has a phone number but it’s quite difficult to find. You need to open the inquiry form and click the ‘telephone inquiry’ for the number to be visible. It’s also unknown which countries can call the number and the time it’s available to accept calls. It does not have an email address. The easiest way to actually send an inquiry is by filling out its online form.


Choosing Ezi-Pay for your online payments comes with a lot of advantages. One of its major advantages is it offers the Play Now and Pay Later scheme. You’ll be able to deposit your preferred amount to the online online slots by authentic of your choice without paying for everything right away. You just have to make an initial deposit and the rest of the amount will be paid every 2 weeks. It can be so convenient during those times when you’re waiting for your payday but you want to play already. Another advantage is you’ll get credit each time you make a repayment. Ezi-Pay also offers credit plans but without interest. You can pay for any purchase later but with zero additional costs from interest. It’s also an advantage how users will be able to deposit using credit but without actually using a credit card. Using Ezi-Pay is also a smart way to get around certain credit card limitations when making an online casino deposit.


Ezi-Pay also comes with several disadvantages. Its major disadvantage is it’s not available for US players. It could be a great payment option for players from the United States. Another disadvantage is the lack of proper customer support. Processing online payment transactions is very crucial and could lead to a lot of questions and concerns. Charging high fees for keeping the account and for making repayments is also a concern among customers.


Ezi-Pay is a great option for you if you want to play immediately but pay at a later date. Just make sure that it wouldn’t mess up with your finances. It’s a convenient way to make deposits using credit. It mostly has positive reviews but of course, you must always proceed with caution when it comes to all things related to credit.