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Entropay Overview

Entropay is the virtual credit card for your online funding needs. Developed by Ixaris Systems in 2003, Entropay provides users with a “virtual credit card” that can be used instantly in online platforms. An actual physical card isn’t provided; but you pretty much have all the functionality you need such as paying for online goods and services.

In some ways, Entropay functions similar to an e-wallet. You have to “load” funds directly into your account using different options available such using a bank account or other cards. In this regard, you will be able to control your playing habits because you are only allowed to spend the amount available in your Entropay account.

Currently, Entropay is one of the go-to payment solutions for online gamblers in Asia. A lot of credit card companies and banks in this region restrict card payments sent to online casinos; but they do not block payments made using Entropay. Essentially, it thrives in Asia because this is one of the few ways players could play and gamble online without striking up issues in their credit cards.

Getting started with Entropay

In order to start using Entropay’s services, you first need to create an account with them. Setting up an account is fast and easy, mainly because it does not have verification processes for new users.

The first step would be to visit the Entropay online slots by red tiger website and navigate to the register button. Complete the registration form in which you have to provide your name, email, date of birth and country of residence. You will then be prompted to provide your preferred username and password which will be your login details moving forward.

The last step would be to provide the details of your credit or debit card (optional). You can also fund your Entropay account via direct bank deposit. You’ll know the registration was successful when there’s a prompt that says your virtual card has been issued, along with your unique card number, expiry date and security number flashed on the screen.

Where can I use it?

Entropay is offered as a payment option in many online casinos. What makes it special though, is its versatility. It’s designed as sort of a substitute to credit cards, so it is ideal for online shopping as well. To add to this, it can be seen as a workaround if you want to shop using your cards, but your merchant only accepts payments from cards based in specific countries. For example: if you are shopping in an American online store that only accepts payment from credit cards issued in the US, you can use Entropay to purchase items even if you do not have a US-issued card.

How do I put funds in my account?

Unlike normal credit cards, the EntroPay Virtual Visa card is not an actual physical plastic card. It is present electronically by a 16-digit card number with an expiry date and a three-digit security number – which are unique per user. You can add funds to this directly from your credit or debit card, or via bank transfer from a local bank near you.

Entropay currently supports almost all major credit and debit cards, and you only need to register these once if you wish to use them to fund your account. Entropay also allows users to link multiple funding sources to one account, so you may also opt to do that. If you load funds into your account via credit or debit cards, the balance is automatically adjusted to reflect the deposit. If you opt to deposit by direct bank transfer, however, it may take a few business days depending on the bank to process the transaction.

It’s a good idea to note that Entropay charges processing fees whenever you load funds into your account.

Security, support and some closing thoughts

To no surprise, Entropay’s security systems are top notch, resulting in a secure way for customers to transact online. User data are all encrypted and not available for viewing by Entropay employees, so the user’s privacy is intact. If problems arise, or if the user has a question about the processes, they can send an email using their account and a representative would immediately action the query. For new users, there is a generous and detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section in their website.


Entropay is a solid choice for online gamblers who want to play or bet on games but don’t want to directly give their credit information to the online casino. It's easy to use, yet versatile too- making it a pretty significant contender in a highly competitive industry.