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With almost everything available online nowadays, many companies are looking to innovate payment processing. A number of companies realized that there is a need to come up with better alternatives in sending payments online. This is extremely helpful for people who do not have credit cards and those who are uncomfortable disclosing their personal information over the Internet. Enter EnterCash – a Malta-based company who has gained popularity in many European countries and continue to penetrate other locations and markets. The company believes that customers and merchants will benefit immensely from on-the-spot and reliable transactions. Customers will benefit from the fact that it is possible to perform payments using the same banking platform they utilize to settle bills and other dues. EnterCash has gained increased interest and popularity from customers, especially those who dabble in online gaming.

EnterCash offers customers the option to process payments through their own bank account to pay for goods and services online. There is no need to download any app to use EnterCash. This service helps simplify the payment process while being guaranteed that the transactions are completely secure. Customers will be able to use EnterCash to buy products or services over the Internet instantly, including deposits to online slot machines by bally casinos and other gambling sites.

Using EnterCash for Casinos

To utilize EnterCash, you should have an active account at a bank or financial institution that they have partnered with. EnterCash currently works with many banks in the market, especially those found in Europe.

Casino Deposits through EnterCash

To perform a deposit transaction using EnterCash, you first have to locate a casino that allows this payment method. Once you found one that offers EnterCash as a payment option, you will need to specify the amount that you want to transfer to your online casino account, then select the bank that you will course your payment from. After submitting your payment request, you will be redirected to the website of your selected bank and asked to supply the necessary information to authorize the transaction. There may be a confirmation code that will be sent to you that you need to provide to complete the payment request. After you have completed the requested information, you then submit the payment. If there are no conflicts or issues, the payment will be sent to your casino account in mere seconds, letting you play your favorite games as soon as possible!

Unfortunately, there is no way to withdraw money from your online casino account through EnterCash at this time. EnterCash does not have an electronic wallet facility, thus it should be considered a one-way payment option.

EnterCash Casinos FAQs

  • Is this payment method available in my country?

EnterCash is currently available in some European and Scandinavian countries, such as Denmark, Finland, Greece, and Sweden. The good news is that you can use EnterCash if you have an active bank account in any financial institution from the aforementioned countries. The company expects to increase its reach to service other locations in the future.

  • What are the fees involved in using EnterCash?

There are no charges for using EnterCash to make payments using their platform. There are some fees that may be incurred but these are charges made by the bank that you used to make an EnterCash payment.

  • Can I use EnterCash at all online casinos?

Not all online gambling sites allow EnterCash transactions thus you should verify with the casino first to make sure you can send payments using this service.

  • Are deposits made to online casinos through EnterCash readily available?

Yes. Deposits made through EnterCash are instant. Once you complete the necessary information and submit, the funds will be transferred to your account immediately.

  • Why should I use EnterCash for casinos?

EnterCash has one disadvantage – players are not allowed to make withdrawal transactions through the service. However, putting this drawback out of the way, EnterCash provides a number of benefits to online casino players. Payment transactions will be processed through the customer’s preferred banking platform which offers a high level of security normally not found in other online payment methods. As a customer, you won’t be required to share your account number to any third-party institution including the online authentic slots casino. This makes EnterCash a great option for players who are very cautious about sharing their information over the Web.

Players are also guaranteed that their payments are being processed by financial institutions that implement strict encryption and security protocols. There is less or even zero risks or fraud or identity theft which is quite common in online payment transactions. Imagine paying your bills online through your bank – this is exactly how the EnterCash method works.

Another great advantage of EnterCash for online casino players is the fact that payments using the service is really fast. Many electronic money transfers take a few hours to a few days to complete the entire payment transaction, but when you use EnterCash, you can immediately see the funds in your casino account so you can start playing as soon as possible!

EnterCash is extremely easy to use compared to other online payment processors with complicated transaction procedures. Since you will be using your own bank’s Internet banking platform, you can basically finish the entire transaction in a few minutes. EnterCash will immediately take you to your bank’s website which you are already familiar with. There’s no need to study how to complete a transaction since you can navigate your bank’s online platform quickly and easily.

EnterCash is a great payment option for people who don’t have credit cards or worried about sending their personal details and sensitive information over to a third-party payment processor. Since your payments will be processed on familiar territory – your personal bank’s online banking platform, you can be reassured that your money will be transferred safely to your online gambling account!

EnterCash Casinos Conclusion

The online gaming industry inspired numerous innovations from companies who want to make it easier for players to enjoy their favorite games online. Although EnterCash only entered the scene in 2011, they have successfully connected merchants with customers, ensuring safe and secure fund transfers using internet banking platforms. There are plenty of casinos offering EnterCash as a payment processor which attests to the service’s outstanding performance. You can also get special offers and bonuses when you opt to use EnterCash as your payment processor. EnterCash is a trustworthy and reliable payment gateway that is regulated and monitored by the Central Bank of Malta and other government departments. EnterCash is a smart and convenient payment facility which will definitely please and impress smart online casino players like you!