ecoCard Casinos are very popular to online casino aficionados for one important reason: hassle-free, anonymous payments.



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When you are in a hurry to start gambling online, the last thing you want to happen is to wait for a few hours or days just to transfer money to your online gambling wallet. If you belong to this group, then you should definitely try ecoCard Casinos.

ecoCard is a payment service that provides plenty of disadvantages to online casino players. ecoCard lets you enjoy safe, fast and zero-fee transfers online. All you need to do is load your ecoCard which can be done in mere seconds and perform the fund transfer to your favorite gambling site. You can also become eligible for a welcome bonus when you choose to play at amatic gaming casino or an ecoCard Casino! ecoCard was launched in 2000 and is currently branded as ecoPayz. ecoCard is a product of a UK-based company, PsiPay Ltd. In 2013, ecoCard was rebranded as ecoPayz but you will still be able to find ecoCard bally casino online – just bear in mind that ecoCard and ecoPayz are one and the same. PsiPay Ltd. has successfully collaborated with reputable and well-known payment processors such as Western Union so we can expect the company to continue to improve its online payment services.

EcoCard Casinos Deposits and Withdrawals

Making a deposit at your favorite ecoCard online casino is safe and hassle-free. You simply need to follow these steps:

  1. First, you should have an active ecoCard account and make sure it has an available balance. You fund your ecoCard account through bank transfer or credit card.
  2. Go to your preferred ecoCard Casino and create your profile. If you already have an existing account, log in to your profile.
  3. Go to the Payments section of the ecoCard Casino and select ecoCard or ecoPayz as your preferred payment method.
  4. Key in the amount that you want to deposit using your ecoCard.
  5. The last step is to authorize the deposit transaction by providing your ecoCard login info. The funds will automatically be transferred to your online casino wallet and you can start playing immediately!

Got enough funds and want to withdraw some money to your ecoCard? It is entirely possible and you only need to perform a few steps to withdraw funds from your virtual casino wallet.

  1. Go to the Payments section of the ecoCard Casino and select Withdraw.
  2. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw from your online casino account. Take note that withdrawals are not possible if you are using the virtual cards, but you certainly can withdraw if you have a physical plastic card or an ecoCard e-wallet.
  3. In general, you will receive the funds in around 1 to 3 business days, but some have also experienced receiving the money instantly.

EcoCard Casinos Advantages and Disadvantages

ecoCard Casinos offer many benefits to individuals wanting to play their favorite casino games online minus the waiting time.

  • Instant payments: One of the most important advantages of ecoCard Casinos is the ability to make instant deposits to an online casino wallet. While some payment processors and methods take several hours or even a few business days to transfer the money to your online gambling account, you can rely on ecoCard to immediately process your fund transfer.
  • Withdrawal is possible: Some payment methods offer instant deposits but are not capable of processing withdrawal transactions. With ecoCard, you can deposit and withdraw with ease!
  • No fees for transfers: Enjoy zero fees when you use ecoCard to deposit money at your preferred ecoCard Casino. Most online payment methods and e-wallets charge customers for the transaction. Although the fees may be a small and even negligible amount, free is always better.
  • Pay and play anonymously: Most online gamblers prefer not to divulge any sensitive banking information when playing online, thus ecoCard is a great option since it allows players to make payments instantly and anonymously.
  • Bonuses and promotions: ecoCard Casinos offer their players lucrative bonuses and special promotions that are unavailable when using another payment processor. This is because ecoCard is one of the most well-known and trustworthy payment processors available for online casino players!

Just like any other payment method for online gambling sites, there always drawbacks or limitations in usage. With ecoCard, the only glaring disadvantage is that ecoCard is not yet available in other countries. Make sure to check the availability of ecoCard payments from your country so that you can choose another payment option if there are usage restrictions from your location.


Is it safe to gamble at ecoCard Casinos?

Yes. ecoCard only partner with reliable and trustworthy online casinos so you can be sure that your money is safe from the time you make a deposit, up to the time when you have to withdraw your winnings.

Is ecoCard available at all online casinos?

Not yet. But we expect more online casinos to add this reliable payment method to their list of payment options.

What is the minimum and maximum amount that I can transfer via ecoCard?

The answer to this question greatly depends on the rules and regulations of your chosen ecoCard Casino. In general, you can make a transfer as low as $10 or £10 or its equivalent in your currency.

What are the fees associated with ecoCard Casino payments?

There are no fees involved when making a deposit using your ecoCard. However, the online casino may charge an insignificant fee to process the cash deposit. You can verify this information via the online casino’s FAQ section.

Can I expect instant deposits at ecoCard Casinos?

Definitely! One of the main benefits of using ecoCard is the speedy processing of payments.

Will I be able to enjoy the ecoCard service from my country?

The ecoCard service is available in many countries, but there are still some jurisdictions that do not yet accept ecoCard deposits. It is best to check first whether ecoCard is an accepted payment method from your location.

Is it possible to enjoy ecoCard Casinos from my mobile device?

Provided that the preferred online gambling site is optimized for mobile device use, you can definitely enjoy your favorite wagering games online using your Internet-capable smartphone or tablet.


You won’t regret choosing ecoCard Casinos since you will enjoy plenty of benefits in using the service compared to other known payment methods. ecoCard is currently one of the most preferred online payment methods for virtual gambling because of its speedy payment processing time zero-free payments. But apart from the fast and hassle-free deposits, you can also protect your personal banking information since you do not have to divulge any account numbers – all you need to remember is your ecoCard log in credentials. So if you’re looking for an efficient way to make deposits to your online casino account, ecoCard is your best viable option!