Diners Club International

was the first credit card specially created for you to enjoy life to the fullest, with exclusive dining, shopping, and travel perks for loyal customers.


Diners Club International

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Diners Club International Overview

For most people, having a credit card is an essential part of their lives. It allows them to make payments, purchase items, and even get cash advances quickly and easily. However, there’s another aspect of credit cards that entice people into using them: the perks. Credit card perks can range vary with each credit card provider. Some credit cards offer discounts when you use it to pay utility bills, while others might give you accumulated points that you can use to purchase other items such as gasoline or groceries.

For people who travel frequently or love to dine out, having a credit card whose perks and benefits are more focused towards leisure and entertainment, Diners Club International is a great choice. Today, it operates in 59 countries and is partnered with thousands of merchants, retailers, travel companies, and dining establishments around the world.

What is Diners Club International?

The story of how Diners Club International came to be is actually an interesting one. In 1949, a man named Frank McNamara was dining with his clients at the Major Cabin Grill Restaurant in New York City. At the end of his meal, he realized that he had left his wallet, and he had to contact his wife to come and settle the tab. He vowed to never let that incident again, and together with some friends, they brainstormed the idea of a multi-purpose charge card, which eventually paved the way for the modern credit card. A year later in February 1950, he actually returned to that same restaurant, and after eating, he paid for his meal with a small cardboard card bearing his signature. The restaurant accepted it, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The story became widely popular, and it is now known as “The First Supper”. Historians credit it as the first verifiable story where contemporary credit was used. Later on, McNamara and his lawyer Ralph Schneider, founded Diners Club International on February 8, 1950, with $1.5 million dollars in capital. Since it was based on McNamara’s experience, the name “Diners Club International” was created to signify to people that the card was to be used for dining purposes, and by end of 1950, Diners Club International had more than 20,000 members. By the mid-1960’s, it has more than 1.3 million cardholders.

How Does Diners Club International Work?

Diners Club International works just like any other regular credit card, with the main difference being that the perks that you can enjoy with Diners Club International focuses on travel and dining. When you use Diners Club International, you will accrue points that you can use when you travel. You can get into Diners Club International VIP airport lounges, as well as get upgrades for hotel stays. You can also enjoy perks at restaurants, such as VIP access to kitchens, wine cellar tours, and exclusive chefs table access.

How can I create an Account with Diners Club International?

If you want to enjoy the perks of a Diners Club International card, you will need to sign up via their official website. When you click the Join Us button on the top part of the homepage website, you will choose your country. Diners Club International is backed by different financial institutions, depending on the country. In the United States, for example, the banking services are provided by BMO Harris Bank, and it is supported by MasterCard. The sign-up process will also depend on which country you are from, but in general, you will need your basic personal information, government-issued IDs to prove your identity, and your financial information. You can think of applying for an account with Diners Club International as a similar process to applying for a credit card.

At present, however, there have been reports that Diners Club International has closed applications for new cardholders in several countries. If you want to create an account with Diners Club International, make sure to contact the support team on the official website to ask if they are issuing new cards in your country.

Is Diners Club International Safe to use?

The security protocols that Diners Club International use will depend on which country you are signing up from, as they partner with established financial institutions in your country. This means that they will also be dependent on the existing security protocols of these institutions. In the United States, Diners Club International uses the same security measures used by MasterCard.

How can I use Diners Club International to Play on Online Casinos?

As Diners Club International is a card that focuses on travel and entertainment, it stands to reason that many online casinos accept it as a way to deposit and withdraw funds! There are many online casinos that you can use your Diners Club International card with, such as Casino Cruise, Intertops Casino, Jackpot City, Lucky Nugget, slot machines by relax, 888Casino, and Party Casino. With Diners Club International, you can easily move funds, top-up your casino wallet, and enjoy a safe and secure online casino playing experience.