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ClickAndBuy Review

With the world being as connected as it is these days with the Internet, e-commerce has become the norm for companies to be able to reach as many of their target audience as possible. An online presence has become essential for companies across the spectrum, from SME to huge multi-national companies. Indeed, more and more people are choosing to do financial transactions from the comfort of their own homes, from receiving payroll to purchasing goods and services, to paying bills.

Considering how many merchants are now doing business online, financial providers have rushed to fill that need to give a secure, easy, and quick method of performing online financial transactions. One of these companies lie online slots by amaya was ClickAndBuy.

What is ClickAndBuy?

ClickAndBuy International Limited was an online payment service that was founded in Cologne in 1999 but eventually moved their company to London in 2006. In 2010, ClickAndBuy became a subsidiary of Deutsche Telecom. At its height of operations, ClickAndBuy had more than 10 million active users in Europe.

In December 2015, the company announced that it would cease operations by April 30, 2016, and it has since gone through with the company shut down. Today, ClickAndBuy International Limited is no longer in operations. It has also ceased other payment methods under the company name, including their ClickAndBuy Internet and their MyWallet Card payment systems.

How Does ClickAndBuy Work?

When ClickAndBuy was still operating as a company, they functioned as an electronic wallet that their customers would use with any merchants partnered with ClickAndBuy. After they opened and verified their account, they could then use it for all of their financial transactions across different merchants using only their ClickAndBuy username and account.

The funds deposited into a ClickAndBuy account would come from direct debit, credit card, or prepaid tax credits. There was a maximum spending limit per month for users, however, they charged the users a commitment fee if there were no financial transactions performed in an account within a year. In 2012, ClickAndBuy users were introduced into an app like slot machines by 888 which allowed them to use their ClickAndBuy account more quickly and easily. It was available for both Apple and Android users.

How can I create an Account with ClickAndBuy?

Creating an account with ClickAndBuy was an easy and quick process. All you needed was to sign up on their official website and connect your bank account with your account. Once they verified your identity and your bank account, you could already use your ClickAndBuy account with all their partnered merchants.

Is ClickAndBuy Safe to use?

There are many reasons why ClickAndBuy closed, however, many people speculate that one of the major reasons was the loss of public trust in the company. Although ClickAndBuy was a certified payment system and recognized as an e-money institution by the Electronic Money Regulations in 2011, the company struggled with safety and security issues.

In December 2000, journalists Michael Tobias and Tom Brankamp revealed that the ClickAndBuy payment system has security flaws. They demonstrated that they were able to bypass the security protocols that the company had in place, and could actually use other people’s accounts to shop with ClickAndBuy merchants. Although the company promised that they immediately fixed these flaws once they came to light, the damage had already been done, and people started to lose faith in ClickAndBuy.

Another issue that many people had was that ClickAndBuy had problems with their merchants being late with product deliveries, and it took a long time for the problem resolution center to be able to resolve these issues between the customers and the merchants.

How can I use ClickAndBuy to Play on Online Casinos?

When it was operating, ClickAndBuy partnered with many of the bigger online casinos such as PlayMillion, Betway, Jackpot City, and 888 Casino. Since it belonged to the solid Deutsche Telekom group, casino players were able to enjoy a quick and easy experience with their online casino play. They were able to deposit funds into their e-wallets quickly, as well as withdraw their winnings without any problems. They were able to fund their ClickAndBuy account through various means such as their debit card, bank transfer, and credit card payment. Since they did not need to disclose their actual financial information to the online casinos, they would be safe from any hacking or phishing attempts during their online casino playing experience.