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Online money transfers and payments are a normal occurrence nowadays, thanks to the Internet. Modern technology has definitely paved the way for more innovations that benefit consumers and businesses alike. In the past, when one wanted to pay their bill, they would drop by the nearest bank or payment center to settle their dues. If someone wanted to send a payment for any product or service they obtained, they have to go through tedious processes just to perform the transaction. Today, millions of people use the Internet to purchase goods and services, pay bills, and transfer money to other people. Consumers and businesses are always on the lookout for secure and reliable payments processors.

The changes in technology have also influenced the way people play their favorite casino games. If you wanted to play slot machines or table games before, you would have to go to a bricks-and-mortar casino which may be miles away. Nowadays, it is very common to see online gambling venues where table games, slot machines, bingo games, lottery, and sports betting are available 24/7. This means you can gamble to your heart’s content in the comfort of your own home while wearing your pajamas! With the innovations seen in online banking and online payment processors, one can see that there’s no stopping this trend. Online casinos are always adding payment processors to their list of payment options to accommodate every kind of player there is.

Citadel Commerce Corp. is a company that saw the potential in fast, secure and reliable online payments. They designed a digital banking system which lets their clients perform deposits and payments. By partnering with major banks all over the world, online casino players in different countries can enjoy secure and instant deposits to their online casino accounts, without any risk of leaking or harming their personal and banking information.

What is Citadel Direct?

Citadel Direct is a service of Citadel Commerce Corp. that offers simple and straightforward payment and money transfer services. It has become one of the most favored payment methods at various online gambling sites because of its reliability and security. Citadel Direct has been providing such service for more than 15 years and is continuously improving their service to ensure their platform’s security and reliability, and improve their customers’ overall experience and satisfaction. Learn more why Citadel Direct is a growing favorite amongst online casino players.

How to Use Citadel Direct

To begin, you should first have an active account with a live dealer gambling sites that allows Citadel Direct as a payment method. After confirming that the e-casino accepts payments and transfers from Citadel Direct, go to the payments section of the gambling site and select this option. In case Citadel Direct is not listed specifically, you can also choose ‘instant banking’ since it best describes the service.

After choosing Citadel Direct, follow the steps provided by the online casino. The steps may vary depending on the bank you will be using as well as the country where you will be performing the transaction at. Typically, the process will start by visiting the online casino page, redirected to your online banking platform, and then back to the online casino site. Whatever the sequence of steps, you will be required to log in to your online banking account so have your login credentials ready. You will be asked to confirm or authorize the payment by logging into your online banking account.

Once the process is completed, the payment you sent will be reflected in your most reliable online casino balance, which could be in a matter of minutes!

Advantages of Citadel Direct Casinos

Using Citadel Direct to pay or transfer money online has remarkable advantages including:

Pro#1: Fewer threats to sensitive information

Citadel Direct is a great option for people who are not comfortable sharing their personal information with online gambling sites. It offers an additional layer of security since you will be paying through your own bank’s Internet platform and not on the online casino website itself.

Pro#2: Familiar processes and platforms

Some people are not happy or don’t have the time to study new processes. At times, some customers feel safer when their transactions are processed through their bank which possible implements the highest forms of encryption to protect their clients’ data. Using Citadel Direct means you will be using platforms and processes that you are comfortable with.

Pro#3: Simple and efficient

What you will like about Citadel Direct is that there are no required signups in order to perform a payment or deposit transaction which can be time-consuming and gives you one more password to worry about. The payments and transfers through Citadel are easy to complete so you can have more playing time instead of more waiting time!

Disadvantages of Citadel Direct Casinos

There always some disadvantage or drawback, no matter what payment method you use.

Con#1: Availability

Citadel Direct, unfortunately, is not yet available in all countries although the company plans to expand its market penetration. Citadel is also not accessible to all online banking platforms in different parts of the world.

Con#2: Fees and charges

There are possible charges and fees when you use Citadel Direct to make transfers and payments through your online banking account.

Con#3: Withdrawals are limited

Citadel Direct may not be available as a withdrawal option at all online casinos. If that is the case, there are other possible options to withdraw your money from your online casino account.

Additional Citadel Direct FAQs

In what countries is Citadel Direct service available? Citadel Direct can be used in several countries, mostly in North America and Europe, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, and the UK. Citadel Direct also offers limited versions of the service in Turkey, South Africa, and Argentina.

Is Citadel Direct available to use in the U.S.?

Although Citadel Direct exists in the United States, it is not widely used for playing at online casinos due to strict regulations. It can be used in certain states with separate regulations for gaming markets such as Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada.

Are there payment methods similar to Citadel Direct?

The process of Citadel Direct is highly similar to a regular wire transfer or bank transfer which basically lets you move funds from your account to an online merchant. The main difference is that you will not use an online portal to process the payment, but through an electronic check that will be processed by the online casino’s cashier.

Will my personal information remain confidential?

When you opt for Citadel Direct, your banking and personal information stay confidential. Since you will still be using your own bank’s online banking platform, the casino and Citadel Direct as well, will not have any access to your login credentials.

Citadel Direct Casinos Conclusion

Citadel Direct is highly favored by many online casino players because of its simplicity and efficiency. Although the service is not yet available to all countries, more than a dozen can take advantage of Citadel Direct in funding their online casino accounts. It is a highly recommended payment method for people looking for fast payment transactions and still prefer to use their own bank’s online banking system. Citadel Direct is a payment service that will surely let you enjoy your favorite casino games is no time!