CartaSi Casinos are the best online casinos for Italian online casino players. Find out what makes CartaSi Casinos so popular to online gambling aficionados.



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If you have never heard of CartaSi before, this is your chance to find out why Italian online gamblers love it so much. CartaSi is a credit card company in Italy that allows users to use their Web payment facility to make payments to online merchants including online Live dealer casino. For online gamblers in Italy, CartaSi is a convenient way to fund an online casino account without the need to disclose any sensitive banking information.

In order to use CartaSi at an online casino having best online casino review, you should first apply for a CartaSi credit card or debit card. Applications can be done completely online. One must meet the requirements to apply including verifiable identification information and bank account information. An applicant must be a legal resident of Italy in order to be eligible for a CartaSi account. A local bank in Italy that has partnered with CartaSi will be the one to issue the card to the applicant.

CartaSi has more than 20 million card users, a testament to the company’s efforts to provide a reliable and secure payment to its customers.

How it Works

CartaSi was designed with the convenience of its users in mind. You simply need to follow these steps to make a deposit at your favorite CartaSi casino:

  1. Make sure you are registered and logged in to your preferred online casino.
  2. In the Cashier section of the online casino, choose “Credit Card” or an equivalent option.
  3. Enter the details required which will include your card information.
  4. Key in and authorize the amount that you want to transfer to your player account.
  5. Wait for your funds – this shouldn’t take more than a few minutes!

CartaSi Casinos Advantages

There is a reason why the Italians are affascinato with CartaSi. The card allows users to enjoy the features of a credit card which makes it so easy to purchase anything online. You don’t have to sign up at any third party service provider to shop or make a payment online. Same goes when you want to deposit some cash at an online casino – just log in at your chosen casino and make a deposit. It’s that convenient!

Another advantage of CartaSi Casinos is the security that it offers compared to a regular credit card. If you don’t have a CartaSi credit card, you can also look into their debit card products which are not only secure, it prevents any possibility of overdraft! You get to choose which bank you want to link your CartaSi debit card to thus minimizing the risks of fraudulent activity or identity theft.

Here’s a rundown of the benefits when you use CartaSi to play at an online casino:

  • Easy to use: Once you have a CartaSi Card, you can start playing at your favorite online casino
  • CartaSi uses the most advanced security for SSL encryption
  • Enjoy instant payments and multicurrency support
  • Zero fees when you use CartaSi to deposit funds at an online casino
  • Be eligible for special bonuses and deals when you play at CartaSi Casinos

CartaSi Casinos Disadvantages

There are some disadvantages to using CartaSi Casinos which we will discuss to help you make an informed decision. Some users do not like the fact that the credit card or debit card details are sent over the Internet every time a deposit is made. In general, most online casinos have strong SSL encryption and firewall security to eliminate the risks or possibilities of hacking or information leaks.

Another disadvantage of CartaSi Casinos is the fact that you need to apply for a debit card or credit card to start using it. It may take a few business days to process the application but once the card is processed and ready for you to use, you will enjoy instant deposits and payments to your favorite online merchants.


Is it safe to play at CartaSi Casinos?

CartaSi Casinos are safe casinos. Every online casino player must take safety and security as a top priority. CartaSi Casinos are one of the most secure and safest online gambling sites you can find.

Can I use CartaSi at all online casinos?

Unfortunately, not all online casinos accept CartaSi since this payment method was specifically created for Italian customers. You can always look for a payment method that can suit your need and preferences just by searching online.

What is the least amount that one can deposit at CartaSi Casinos?

The minimum amount required for deposit will usually vary from lender to lender. It is therefore important to verify this information by checking out the casino’s FAQs.

What is the maximum amount that one can deposit at CartaSi Casinos?

The maximum deposit amount is stated in the online casino’s FAQs and guide. Be sure to look up this information before you start depositing at your preferred casino.

Are there any fees associated in using CartaSi Casinos?

Paying with CartaSi does not involve any fees at all. Even when you shop online, the fees are usually charged to the merchants and not to customers. However, some online casinos may charge a fee for the processing of your CartaSi deposit which is usually a small, negligible amount.

Are deposits via CartaSi funded immediately?

Yes! CartaSi deposits are instantaneous so you can instantly enjoy playing at your preferred virtual gambling site with very little waiting time.

Can I access CartaSi Casinos from my country?

CartaSi is a payment method that strictly serves the Italian market. Deposits are 100% allowed at Italian online casinos. If you are not from Italy, you should look for other payment methods that can be used from your location. One of the most accepted credit and debit card payments all over the world are Visa or MasterCard-affiliated.

Do mobile casinos accept CartaSi payments?

CartaSi payments are accepted at browser-based and mobile casinos. You don’t have to worry about depositing at mobile casinos since your transaction will be protected by high levels of firewall and encryption security. You can definitely enjoy playing wherever you are with CartaSi using your mobile devices and smartphone!


Our modern lifestyles demand fast and reliable payment transactions whether shopping online or playing at an online gambling website. Playing at an online casino requires careful consideration of payment processors and service providers. It is important to choose a service provider that is safe and reliable. The last thing that you want to happen is to encounter problems when you are transferring money from your card to your online gaming wallet.

CartaSi cards are currently used by millions of people because of their reliability and safety. The Italian online casino industry is flourishing so we can expect to see more and more people try out this safe and secure payment method. It won’t be long before CartaSi gets more availability in other parts of Europe. CartaSi Casinos provide utmost convenience to Italian online gamblers who are looking for the speediest way to transfers funds to an online casino. If you have access to CartaSi Casinos, you should consider yourself very lucky!