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Bancontact Overview

Bancontact Mister Cash or simply Bancontact is a trusted payment system created by Belgian Banks back in 1979. In 2006, Bancontact started offering online services to customers. It used to take 3-5 business days to process online bank deposits, but when Bancontact came along, it became more convenient for customers. Bancontact is currently one of the most popular online payment methods among web-based and land-based merchants in Belgium. Approximately 80% of internet merchants accept Bancontact for online payments. Bancontact processed over 25 million transactions yearly which is a testament of its importance in the world of online payments.

How it works?

In order to be able to use Bancontact’s online payment services, you need to open a Belgian bank account first. On the other hand, if you want to have a physical card, the Bancontact Mister Cash is issued by some banks in Belgium. It’s connected to your bank account and it can be used at thousands of shops in Belgium.

How to get a Bancontact Card?

It’s pretty easy to get a Bancontact Debit Card. You just have to visit a Belgian bank that issues this type of card. Ask them about their debit card options and if they do issue Bancontact Debit Cards, you can open an account and wait for the card to arrive.


The first thing that you have to do is to open a bank account at a Belgian bank, provided that it’s a part of the Bancontact network. The next step is to look for a reputable online live casino that accepts online payments through Bancontact. This is pretty easy to do since the majority of popular online casinos accept Bancontact online payments.

After successfully logging in to your online casinos best account, you must go to its Banking or Cashier page and look for Bancontact from the list of accepted payment methods. Choose Bancontact and provide the required details. Users will usually be asked to provide their name, card number, its expiration date, and verification code. You’ll also be asked to enter the amount that you wish to deposit. Instead of instantly processing the transaction, you’ll be taken to your bank’s page and you’ll be asked to confirm that you want the funds transferred. Once the transaction’s processed, you’ll be redirected to your chosen online casino. The funds will be instantly reflected in your online casino account’s balance.


Unfortunately, Bancontact does not process withdrawals yet. The good news is you have a lot of other payment options to choose from to complete your withdrawal transaction.


Bancontact has a lot of amazing advantages. The first one is how it gives you control over your specific budget. Since it works like a debit card and it’s directly linked to your bank account, you won’t be spending money that you don’t have at the moment. It will prevent you from getting debts. You have the sole decision of how much money you want to have available at your disposal. Another advantage is how it instantly processes deposits. Bancontact offers instant fund transfers which are absolutely convenient for players. You just have to properly set up your card and then you can use it to do quick deposits.

Its popularity is also one of its greatest advantages. Since it’s a well-known and widely-used online payment method, it’s recognized by thousands of merchants. The majority of reputable and popular online casinos accept Bancontact as an online payment method. It’s very easy for new players to get started with online casino playing if they’ll choose to use Bancontact. It’s also a highly secure way to process deposits since it requires users to complete a verification process. Although it might take more time to complete its verification process, this added step will definitely prevent fraud and identity theft.


Although Bancontact is an amazing online payment method, it also comes with some disadvantages. Its major disadvantage is its limited availability to players from around the world. This payment method can only be used by Belgian players since it requires users to have an active bank account at a participating Belgian bank. Players outside Belgium would love to enjoy Bancontact’s convenience but for now, they can choose e-wallets, debit cards, and credit card options instead. Some players also consider this payment method as not 100% secure. The reason why they think it’s not fully secure is it allows online casinos to store your personal information or banking details. There’s a chance that it might be stolen or compromised. However, if you choose a highly secure casino that uses advanced encryption methods, then your private data will be kept safe and secure. Bancontact may have some disadvantages, but the level of convenience that it provides its customers is definitely worth it.


Bancontact is definitely a highly popular online payment system in the country of Belgium. Although it can’t be used worldwide yet, it’s accepted by thousands of merchants and online casinos. It’s a very convenient way for players to process their online casino payments. It’s amazing how its millions of users fully trust this online payment system.

One of the main reasons why Bancontact is a favorite among Belgian players is it offers instant deposits which are really convenient especially for busy players. Once you have your card, you don’t have to sign up for any third-party service providers anymore. One interesting fact about Bancontact is it’s so widely used that an average of €170 per individual is spent on online shops through Bancontact. It’s also mind-blowing how an online payment option, which operates within Belgium only, processes approximately 42, 162 transactions every single day.

Bancontact may have a couple of disadvantages, but it was able to provide an unbelievable amount of convenience to its customers. When it was first launched as an online payment service provider, it was a game-changer and saved a lot of its customers’ time and effort. Fast forward to 2019 and it still keeps on finding ways on how to improve the kind of service that it provides to its customers.