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Kronos slot

Kronos slot

Overall impression

Graphics - 90%
Gameplay - 90%
Bonuses - 90%
Value - 90%

The Kronos slot game is one of the newest and most interesting Casino games. Based on the characters of Greek mythology, this game is more fun than most other casino games out there. With the numerous free spins and bonus points rewarded to the players, one simply cannot get enough of the game. Plus, it is a game that you can play for free.

Game Information
Name: Kronos
Software: WMS
Game Type: Classic slot
Paylines: 25
Free Spins Yes
reels: 3
Whats hot: Whats not so hot:
It has numerous free spins and bonus. The one and only con or drawback related to the Kronos slot game is characterized with is its limited pay lines. In addition to that, the soundtrack isn’t fun enough.
It provides you with numerous chances to win as compared to the other games.
The 5 reels that characterize the game makes it easier for you to choose perfect combinations that can enable you to win in the future.
The rewards in the game are such that you can simply not help betting over it.

Why is Kronos slot game such a hit among gamers?

Since real Casino has been banned in almost all the countries, the casino lovers seek refuge in playing the online casino games that have a depth of reality in them. If you wish to experience that depth, the one game you should definitely go for is the Kronos slot.

The very title of the game gives you a hint about the theme of the game. It is indeed about the greatest leader of the Titans, Kronos, who had been later imprisoned by his son Zeus. The story of Kronos is so inspiring that the story itself gives you a moral boost to play the game with new found energy and determination.

More about the Kronos slot

The Kronos play for free slot is one of the most popular casino games and has gained such popularity in a very short period of time. The game provides you with such free slot and numerous chances to win that one simply cannot complain about not winning in this game.

Most people are intrigued about the Greek mythology since the movies based on it are extremely popular too. Now, with the introduction of a game based on that, how can one resist?

How to play for free Kronos slot?

  • The first thing you need to do, to kick start the game, is pull the handle of the slot machine.
  • The game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines enabling you with more chances to win.
  • The symbols of this game vary from the throne, bracelet and temple, to Kronos himself.
  • You can pay for the combinations from either left to right or right to left, depending on your choice.
  • The lion is further the symbol which can act as a substitute for all other symbols apart from the scatter thereby providing you with more opportunities to win.
  • Free spins and bonus points characterize the game.
  • The free slot makes the game even more interesting.


As a casino lover myself, the Kronos slot is one of my favorite casino games as it offers me with the feel of playing real casino game. Along with that the level of adventure this game offer is unmatchable.