High Roller Casinos

High Roller Casinos Generously Rewards High Stakes Players

High Roller Casinos are specially designed for gamblers who like to bet the maximum in order to win big. Find out what it takes to get the VIP treatment when you play at a High Roller Online Casino!

High Roller Casinos Overview

Nowadays, it is easy to find an online gambling site that can suit any type of player. There is an assortment of online casinos that can be enjoyed by players who prefer playing with their mobile devices, players who like penny slots, and players who love high stakes.  

But first, what is a high roller? A high roller is a person, also referred to as a “whale”, who bets large amounts and are regarded as VIP players in land-based and online casinos. High-limit players are given special treatment by casinos by giving them access to the most exclusive promotions, bonuses and VIP tournaments, special gifts and expensive freebies, and even assigning a person to act as the high roller’s account manager. Fortunately, if you’re looking to become a high roller, you can find established virtual casinos that offer the chance to enjoy high stakes gambling. These casinos have VIP programs that reward a high roller by giving them access to the VIP club and exclusive promotions.

One of the misconceptions is that one cannot be a high roller because of the amount of money required to become one. You may think that you need to bet hundreds or thousands of dollars to be considered a high roller. Although this is true if you are playing at a brick and mortar casino, this does not necessarily apply when you play at an online casino. Land-based casinos take certain aspects before considering a person a high roller, including the person’s game selection, length of sessions, and average wager size. However, in an online casino, a VIP or high roller status can be achieved much easier (and cheaper!)

High Roller Casinos Benefits

So many players want to achieve high roller status but hesitate when they start thinking about the amount of money they have to spend to achieve it. There are different ways to achieve high roller status in online casinos, such as playing loyally in one site instead of playing at multiple sites. It’s quite similar to accumulating points from your credit card or airline miles – the more you use their service, the more points you accumulate which helps you reach that ‘VIP level’ status.

For patrons of online casinos, you can easily look up what high rollers and VIP players receive as a valued player of the casino. Here is a rundown of the benefits that high rollers can get at an online casino.

·       Exclusive Access to Premium Support

Most reputable online casinos offer 24/7 customer care and support, but as a VIP player, you will be taken care of their VIP team which is expertly trained to handle high rollers and VIPs. The online casino’s VIP team has more power and authority over the typical customer care team so they can offer you the best perks and bonuses without the need to ask any approval from a higher up. A VIP team member also has very few clients to take care of which means they are easy to reach whenever you need something.

·       Extraordinary Bonuses

Another perk that high rollers can get from being a member of the online casinos’ VIP club is the number of special bonuses bestowed on them as an appreciation for their business and loyalty. High rollers dole out larger amounts for deposit thus they also receive a better incentive compared to a regular online player. The bonuses also get higher as you reach a certain level in the VIP program, which is similar to what high rollers in land-based casinos experience.

·       Tournaments exclusive to high rollers

As an online casino high roller, you will be invited to different private tournaments with very attractive cash prizes. These tournaments may be slots games tournaments or poker and blackjack tournaments that are only open to a select number of people which makes the chances of winning higher than regular casino tournaments on many other online casinos . This is a way online casinos dole out huge cash prizes to high rollers that will not be available to regular casino players.

·       Additional Cash backs

Online casinos know how important their VIP players are which is why they regularly give back cash to their losing high rollers. This is a way for the casino to retain their most important players. Although cash backs are also given to regular online casino players, the percentage of the cash back may go up to 3x what is typically given to the usual online gambler. And the reality is, no gambler wants to lose money in their games, so being a high roller is definitely rewarding than being a regular online casino player.

·       Better Deposit and Withdrawal Processes

High rollers are known to make larger amounts of deposit to the online casino and may also redeem a larger amount of money in the end. Thus, online casinos make it easier and more convenient to do these transactions because, well, as we said, they are the casino’s VIPs. The online casino increases the limit to deposits and withdrawals than what regular players can enjoy. The wait time for the transactions is also significantly shorter because the casino values their high rollers the most. You don’t want to keep an important person waiting, would you? VIPs and high rollers are considered very trustworthy thus the online casino operator will make all processes as seamless and convenient for them as possible.

·       Higher Playing Limits

A high roller will not be a high roller if he did not play with a bigger bet size compared to the typical casino player. This is the reason casinos, whether online or land-based, have exclusive high-limit rooms where only VIP players will be accommodated.

·       Invites to Private Casino Events

High Roller Casino players are invited to special events that take place all over the world. Just because you are playing online means you need to be cooped up in your home all the time. Besides, online casinos have partnerships with the best hotels, restaurants, organizers of fashion shows, concerts and movie premieres, and more. These private casino events are just some of the gatherings that allow the online casino operators to mingle with their best players for live roulette real money, which will also include celebrities, businessmen and other notable individuals.

High Roller Casinos FAQs

What is an online casino high roller?

A high roller online casino player is one who wagers large amounts of money and plays games more frequently than a regular player. High rollers have higher risks in losing huge amounts of money but also have more potential to win great payouts.

What makes a High Roller Casino different from a regular online casino?

A High Roller Casino is a virtual casino that has the preferences of high rollers in mind. High Roller Casinos offer high-limit games as well as lucrative bonuses to reward their VIP players.

How do I become a high roller?

Every High Roller Casino has different requirements in order for a player to be considered a high roller VIP player. But typically, the player should bet high amounts on the casinos’ high-limit games and be a loyal casino customer. Online casinos reward their players based on their loyalty program which means it is possible to become a high roller as long as you play more to move up the tiers.

High Roller Casinos Conclusion

High Roller Casinos were designed to satisfy players with an appetite for high wagers and huge wins. You should remember that being a high roller is not for the faint-hearted. In order to become a high roller at your preferred casino, it is important to read the VIP program if you qualify and if you have what it takes to become one. Don’t underestimate the benefits and extra perks of being a valued VIP player. And while you’re moving your way up the online casino VIP ladder, remember the saying, “No guts, no glory!”