X-men slot

Play the good and the evil with x-men slot for company!

Are you into sci-fi zone? How would it be pitting the Magneto mutants against Xavier’s men for a confrontation worth noting? Well, x-men slot is the one that you have been waiting for. A sure-shot winner from the house of Playtech, this video real money slot game has almost no competition to match up to!


Why is the x-men slot the best?

As a set of superheroes, brought forth from Marvel’s films, this game has a 50 payline feature and starts off with a maximum level of 10 coins at a payline mode. Given that coin denominations range within 0.00- 5.00, there are options and chances given in this betting format.

So, with every battle that is fought between good and evil, there are chances of free spins and additional bonus features that can be won. There are vivid characters and 4 progressive jackpots that make this game all the more entertaining.


Special features:

  • Free spins of villains and heroes:

In this case, if 3 or more scatter symbols trigger the primary bonus game, profits can be made. Also, if bonus games start off in the hero mode, there are chances of free spins and profits.

  • Marvel slot in jackpot:

All the players look forth towards charging up of progressive jackpot to ensure that maximum bonus points are obtained in the game.

  • X feature:

This is one of the special aspects, wherein a formation of X could trigger a profit level to a maximum of 5 times.


Strategies to play for free slot game:

With betting range between $0.01 to $1 and having limited coin denominations, 25 paylines can be covered with 10 spins at a time. Also, with proceeding of the online slots for real cash game, logo replaces the symbols and scatter signs that are there, with a wild icon making the winning point.

Also, during free slot and spins, the chances are high that progressive jackpots can make a win and increase your monetary amount.



If you have been an avid fan of x-men and other sci-fi genres, then x-men slot is the game for you. Coming with multiple features and range of free spins options, you have a sure shot winner in this game. Try out this play for free game now!

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