Willy Wonka Slots

Come and play for Willy Wonka slot machine’s chocolates

Have you ever played a casino slots machine like the Willy Wonka slots? If ‘yes’, then you have the experience of playing for chocolates. If you say ‘no’, then you should feel happy to know that it is now available online. Whether you have Windows OS or Mac OS, you can even play for free using your iOS and Android gadgets.

Willy Wonka Slots gets its theme from the makers of Wizard of Oz using Charlie and the Chocolate factory movie which is based on a book written by the Roald Dahl. To get lucrative credits, it is important to combine your brilliance with betting combinations.

With the available bonus feature of the game, you are going to enjoy the excitement of activating free spins and other free credit bonuses. Here, you get a chance to emerge yourself in the world of Wonka and the Chocolate factory using the Chocolate River Ride bonus.

Willy Wonka Slots and the chocolate Factory Bonuses and Jackpots

When you play Willy Wonka Slots and the chocolate factory video slot machine you can get a jackpot in very different shapes and sizes. This game is flooded with bonus features for the user to enjoy and win. The most common way of hitting that exciting jackpot is during the iconic Oompa Loompa bonus feature which will have added bonuses such as the Extra Wild Symbol or Expanding Reels or even better if you get the multipliers.

Exciting Progressive Jackpot

Although many users find that the Chocolate River Boat bonus feature is the most exciting feature to play in Willy Wonka Slots, it still does not pack the highest amount of bonus that can be received. This is because WMS saved the biggest jackpot for those progressive jackpot winners playing the game. This progressive jackpot is linked with many different casinos around the world so keep your eyes on that jackpot money as this can get pretty big…pretty fast. According to our records we have seen this jackpot being won moderately with around $100,000 win to over a life-changing win of over $1,000,000. Cha-Ching!

Chocolate River Boat

As mentioned before, user playing Willy Wonka Slots find it most thrilling during this part of the game. This features is an exhilarating bonus round that passes through a tunnel while picking up symbols. Obviously the more valuable symbols you pick up, the bigger the jackpot win will be after the round has ended. You can also get extra turns which will get you to go through the tunnel multiple times picking up symbols along the way.

Once you have no more turns you get a chance to find the Golden ticket hidden inside 3 Wonka Bars just like Charlie Bucket. If you find this Golden ticket you’ve hit the jackpot so it’s time to celebrate. Provider for Willy Wonka Slots, WMS claim that with each passing turn that the bonus round jackpot is lost, you get an even higher chance of finding the Golden ticket and winning the jackpot.

Expanding Reels

Even though these expanding reels may not seem as exciting as the other features they give a hefty sum nonetheless so it’s always a welcoming bonus. Expanding reels work like any other regular game with expanding reels. When you get the Willy Wonka slots symbol he will expand to the full reel and act as a wild for all 3 lines.

How to play this free slot game?

Undoubtedly, Willy Wonka Slots is one of the best slot machines that feature chocolates. With the collection of Gobstopper on the reels, it either offers you a reward, or it explodes. Suppose you are on the way to pick candy, this Gobstopper helps you to get the same.

If you are all-set to add Chocolate River Ride Bonuses in stock, then the chair will move ‘to and fro’ to highlight the movement of the boat. As the elevator gets stopped at Spins Symbols, it activates play for free spins. Here, you have to choose the sweet for selecting the number of spins.

How to make the most out of Willy Wonka Slots

First and foremost this game offering a lot of paylines so make sure to keep the highest number of paylines active. make sure to keep a keen eye on the magic elevator. Getting three of these elevators will get you to choose your next bonus. Ride the River Boat and get as many gobstoppers as you can, these will give you free spins and this is the strategy you need to get some decent buck in the bank.


As a gamer, you will experience a new level of excitement. As a Wizard of Oz fan you will love Willy Wonka Slots with the chocolate theme and then you can enjoy playing this free to play slot game and win big. Here you get a chance to ride your boat on the chocolate river in Wonka s Chocolate factory. The most amazing feature of this game is determined by its number of bonuses. Playing has never been sweeter with the number of free casino spin combinations offered.

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