When Pigs Fly

Believe it when you see it: Netent’s When Pigs Fly

Imagine a world where pigs rule the space race and make for some of the best aviators and astronauts. Here, players are taken into space where pigs rule in their two-dimensional world filled with quirky animations and antics. The journey to space becomes all the more enticing with the animated bovines in space suits that seem extremely eager to get launched into space. The slot becomes sort of a trip down memory lane with its graphics as it is akin to those of Hanna Barbera and even some cartoons in the 2000s era that strike a chord with those who grew up in that era such as Cow and Chicken, and Ren and Stimpy. The characters have their own quirks, even, that manifest on the graphics of the free slot machine games with free spins and the cut scene that leads to the bonus round.



From the title alone, you’d imagine a number of these adorable farm animals flying in the air recreating something like the Wright brothers might have done, but no. Netent pushes the envelope further by placing these animated bovines in the realm of space travel. Imagine the animation of The Jetsons and The Flintstones: defined lines in the best way 2-D animation can pull itself of. The characters are humorous, but most of all, never passive in their reactions to your wins so it keeps everything at an interesting pace. For the background music, it stays true to the space age theme, featuring rocket ships blasting into the hemisphere amidst a mystical tune of sorts. The only hiatus the slot offers is the cut scene that leads to the bonus round.



While other slots will only pay wins in succession from bet lines from the leftmost to the rightmost reels, When Pigs Fly does so in much different way. In this slot, only the longest matching combinations per symbol is paid.


Low-paying symbols

Low win symbols include the eternal symbols of A, K, Q, J and 10. Among them, the lowest paying symbol is 10 with x5 when you land 3 of this symbol on the reels, then x15 for 5 and x50 for 5. The symbol J follows the same format with x5 when you land 3 of this symbol on the reels, then x15 for 5 and x50 for 5. The other symbols like A, Q and K also follow the same format with x5 when you land 3 of these symbols on the reels.


High-paying symbols

The lowest paying symbol among the echelon of high win symbols is a winged helmet that offers x10 when you land 3 of these symbols on the reels, x50 for 4, x100 for 5. Next, the balloons with question marks offers x10 for 3, x 60 for 4, and x150 for 5. The Bar symbol offers x10 for 3, x75 for 4, and x200 for 5. The female pig who looks like Amelia Earhart offers x10 for 3, x100 for 4 and x250 for 5. The space pig offers x10 for 3, x150 for 4 and x500 for 5. Finally, the When Pigs Fly logo offers x10 for 3, x250 for 4 and x1000 for 5.



When Pigs Fly includes a number of features to keep the game interesting, for one, and, to allow its players to rack up and even multiply their winnings. Coveted features in this slot include Free Spins, Re-spins and of course, Wilds.



The Wild symbol in When Pigs Fly is pretty obvious because it’s straightforward. To pinpoint the wild symbol on the reels, keep a lookout for a pink WILD icon. This automatically substitutes for all symbols. As elusive as it is, this symbol only appears in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th reels in the actual free slots online game, as well as in the bonus rounds.



Re-spins are easily activated in the game. Once a winning combo is landed during a spin, a re-spin is triggered. This continues to happen up to a limit of 5 re-spins. What’s interesting though, is that with every re-spin, 2 symbols are added on the reels and thus, increasing the number of ways to win.


How to Play

Set your bet level by increasing or decreasing the Level. Another way to do so and supplement the adjustment of the bet level is through adjusting the Coin Value. To set the maximum bet level, choose the Max Bet button for high rolling. And if you want to play uninterrupted, click on Autoplay and choose the number of spins you want. The reels will keep spinning for the chosen amount unless you choose to click on the Stop button. Finally, to set the reels in motion, simply click on the center Spin button.

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