The wizard of oz

Wizard of Oz slot game offers different level of fun

As the theme of Wizard of Oz slot is taken from the classic movie of the same name, you will be excited to play its 30 paylines for 5 reels. You have the opportunity to win up to $50,000 for successful betting combination.


Way towards Wizard of Oz free slot gaming:

By looking at graphics and characters of this internet casino sites game, you get attracted to play for a longer time. With the loads of features available, you can increase your betting payouts significantly. Some of its common features include pick feature and free spins feature.

Considering its Wild Symbols, you can substitute the same for other symbols except with feature symbol. This feature symbol is also called as top Jackpot combination. Here, you should trigger the wild to get more credits. You can find Glenda (Good Witch) anywhere on the reels to trigger the wild.


Feature of Wizard of Oz slot:

You should make proper plans before looking for any betting combination. If you are able to active its Oz Pick Feature, you get a chance to choose from any of these results:

  • Monetary Prize
  • Road to Emerald City Feature
  • Winged Monkey Feature

Each of the above results offers different opportunity to the gamers. Monetary prize will offer huge credits. To get bonus round, you have to choose ‘Road to Emerald City feature’ and activate the same. And the Winged Monkey feature activates the free spins.


How to play Wizard of Oz slot conveniently?

‘Play and Win’ is the aim of the every gamer. The only thing that holds any gamer is how these slot machines online for real money games are (whether interesting or not). During Wizard of Oz play for free slot; you get several opportunities to get successful betting combinations-

  • The Oz Pick feature is triggered by Scattered Symbol. It is available on 1st, 3rd and 5th reels to get rewarded with its prizes.
  • Jackpot Symbol is the highest payouts Symbol which appears on the active paylines and can be achieved by collecting 5

Suppose you have reached the Road to Emerald City Feature. This takes you either to a character land or Emerald City. It is also possible to get monetary prizes. Suppose you entered into the character land, you need Gold Charms to reach the next level.



Wizard of Oz free slot offers full enjoyment with its different opportunities to activate bonuses and other features. Here, no one will be disappointed because of not getting enough credits for any successful betting combination. This is because you will get considerable amount of credits for every success.

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