Super monopoly money

Super Monopoly Money slot brings charm in every gamer’s face

Monopoly game might be your gameplay. So, have you ever tried Super Monopoly Money slot? If no, then this is the time to reach the most of your goals in real. With the number of bonuses and play for free spins, any of NetEnt casino game offers plenty of attractive features.


Super Monopoly Money slot:

It is one of the interesting games from the developer, WMS. With the similar theme of the game, WMS has developed to more games, Monopoly Plus and Monopoly Dream Life to attract all its fans from all over the world.

Some of the monopoly characters include:

  • Dog
  • Shoe
  • Boat
  • Hat
  • Car
  • Coach
  • Taxi
  • Money-pots

All these are symbols to get payouts in considerable amount. Here, you get a chance to increase your credits by using Jackpot Symbols that include Coach, Money-pots and Taxi.


Way towards money making:

Using the payout symbols, you can multiply your winning credits at least 150 times your stake. For this, you have to collect shoe and hat symbols. Similarly, the other symbols such as boat and car symbols offer 240 times and dog symbol offer 450 times your normal winning prize.

Suppose you are able to collect all 5 Jackpot symbols. This increases your potential to a great extent to multiply your stake up to 75,000 times. This means Super Monopoly Money slots game delivers gamers win real money playing slots online what they are looking for.


How to play Super Monopoly Money slot?

Playing a game is only appreciable if you win. You need different tactics to perform betting successfully. Collecting bonuses symbols give a chance to win more rewards. You can substitute the Wild Bonus symbols with any of the payout symbols. Considering the MM Wilds, you cannot substitute for Free Parking Symbol.

Suppose you are able to collect Free Parking Symbol. This triggers the Free Parking Bonus to get more credit by rewarding with more Free Parking Symbols.



Super Monopoly Money slots features easy to understand interface of the game. With the available bonuses and other features, this game gives the opportunity to opt for huge Jackpots for multiple times.

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