Space wars

Space Wars slot opens the door of entertainment

Not every slot game has a similar theme and the way it entertains the players. If you are looking for such an amazing and exceptional game, then Space Wars slot game is here. With the touch of NetEnt developers in developing this free slot game, you are going to engage yourself with it’s action-packed and special features of winning credits.

The introduction of Space Wars slot game:

Space Wars play for free slot game features a completely different world of monsters and aliens. Especially, its five unique characters and other space creatures will take you to a tour of the galaxy. With their unbelievable power and heart-pounding expressions, you have to move forward wisely to get different credits.

The only thing you have to do is to make winning combinations to increase your credits. While spinning on the reels, you can see different aliens with vivid color and expressions. One of the best creatures is the Green Alien with an adorable costume.

Make plans to win credits:

This Space Wars slot game includes features to attract the gamers like you. Here, you will get Wilds Symbol, Stacked Symbol and other features like bonuses, Cloning Pod Re-spins, etc.

With the available 1000 spins Autoplay feature, it allows you to bet on the reels quickly. Surprisingly, you can bet on all these free spins. You can even stop the spinning reels if you think. You just need to press the Skill Stop feature to stop the reels from further spinning.

How to play?

Space Wars play for free slot game come with a mini paytable. But the available information is enough to get basic information of winning combination with ease.

You will get the Wild Symbol on the 2 and 4 reels. For increasing the betting payouts, you just need to substitute this symbol and get more winning opportunities. Similarly, in case of Cloning Pod Re-Spins, you will get free re-spins for additional payouts after its complete activation.


Although getting huge amount of winning credits is all about luck, you should remember that performance is also necessary to acquire the same. With the available bonus feature of this free slot game, you are definitely going to maximize your credits.

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