Piggy Riches Slot

Piggy Riches Slot Review

Piggy Riches slot machine gives a chance to meet with richest pigs

The developer has created Piggy Riches slot machine with different features of winning credits. With the chance to know the lifestyle of rich pigs along with famous swine-style, playing this flash-based free slot game requires no download.

Why Piggy Riches slot game?

With the theme to join high-class piggies with bags of gold, you will get credit for offering them cash as well. As per the natural instincts, you won’t see any of this pig to wallow in mud. Fortunately, you get a chance to meet the richest piggies here.

The animation and sound effects might lack in its class, but the wealthiness of these pigs will definitely attract you towards this free slot game.

If you’re looking for something to pass the time and get entertained while you’re at it, Piggy Riches is definitely a must-try. It is a free flash-based slot game that lets you win amazing rewards. No downloads, no waiting time, just hit a button and let it rip.

Unlike other slot machines that you’re familiar of, Piggy Riches comes with amazing winning settings that make it easier for you to win. It has highly customizable settings that allow the player to configure each variable to their preferences. If you’re feeling lucky, you can increase your bet or set the coin value for the maximum reward potential during your plays. You can also set it to auto if you’re tired of pressing buttons every time you want to start the slot machine.

One other thing that makes Piggy Riches stand out among other slot machine games is the number of patterns for winning. Regular slot games require you to have 1 set of items on a straight line to get a win. Piggy Riches has more patterns to ensure higher chances of winning. It could be jagged, straight, zigzag, or whatever pattern available, rewards vary based on the patterns you have achieved.

History of Slot Machines

Online slot machines came a long way since the first slot machine was invented in 1895. The original slot machine was invented by a man named Charles Fey in San Francisco, California. It is a mechanical system composed of reels and levers brilliantly devised for human entertainment. In 1902, the popularity of slot machines spread like wildfire and eventually was banned in several states in America. However, this ban did not stop Charles Fey and his competitors from producing slot machines. Later, slot machines with pictures of fruits have been introduced. This was a way around the gambling ban. Fruits and gums are some of the winnable items for these types of slot machines. It was later on called Fruit Machines and it gained popularity among the residents of the UK.

Nowadays, we are seeing hundreds of online casinos all over the internet and one of their flagship games is online slots just like the Piggy Riches. There had been reports about people winning over a million dollars in real money from these online slot machines. Online casinos have gained tremendous popularity as it is easily accessible to anyone with internet connectivity. People can easily play it even at the comfort of their own homes or practically anywhere. However, people have to be wary of online casinos that are shady. There are progressive online slot games that are licensed and certified to make sure that every game is played fair. Some online casinos are backed by real casinos and every player from each end feeds the jackpot until a lucky player gets it all.

Features of Piggy Riches slot game:

This online slot game comes with much of handful features. With the availability of Autoplay button, it becomes quite easy to take certain strategic steps without compromising on any of the factors.

For every successful bet winning combination, you will get the payouts. In this context, it is possible to activate up to 1,000 spins.

Another handy feature is of stop spin. It allows gamers to utilize free spins considerably to reach winning combinations with ease. You can press the button to start the spin and press it again to stop at any point of time. Some of the special features include Scatter symbols and Wild Symbols.

How to play for free?

As this game is Flash-based, you can get an easy access online. Here, paytable is of much use to access paytable icons of the reels. You might need the right format to make winning combinations to produce more payouts.

While playing Piggy Riches slot machine, you cannot replace Wild symbols with Scatters Symbols. Here, you have the opportunity to maximum bet at 50.00 per spin whereas the minimum bet sets at penny coin value. In this context, for successful betting, you can get the highest payouts of 360,000 coins.

Rules are pretty simple. It works like the regular slot machine; however, each card has its own different yields. Once the number of the same cards found on the betting line, the reward is incremented based on their set value. There are 15-line types where a player can win rewards. If the player can get a minimum of three of the same type of cards in a winning line, they get to receive the rewards for that particular card.

There are two special cards that pop out every now and then. These cards are the “Wild” and “Scatter” cards. The Wild card substitutes all other cards except the “Scatter” card. Once bet line wins, the Wild card pays 3 times the winnable amount. If a bet line wins with a “Scatter” card, the player receives the total bet times the multiplier from the special card. Additionally, three scatter cards will active a free spin. A player can activate a total of 28 free spins and the maximum multiplier given is 6. During a free spin, if a scatter card shows up, it automatically gives the player another free spin.



With the combination of Wild Symbols, it is possible to increase the outcomes. It is one of the amazing slot machines that offer maximum benefits with free spins and Multipliers. Every gamer realize the user-friendly interface of its unique theme and attractive graphics.

The game can be easily accessed online and is also mobile friendly. You can play it on your computer, laptop, iPad, smartphones or other handy mobile devices. The animation is superb and the controls are well-designed. Overall, the game is user-friendly and a good piece of entertainment. And if you’re really lucky, you can win great rewards and bragging rights.


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