Omg kittens

Jackpot review of OMG kitten slot game

The feature of a furball in the game adds special significance to the OMG kitten slot game. It is one of the most preferable games in online casino market. According to the survey, players of this game are increasing day by day.


Information about OMG kitten free slot game

It has 5 reels. It has 40 paylines. OMG kitten slot game has three symbols of tiger, bubble and Mr Whiskers. Players need to match the symbol across the payline. If you hit 3 or more symbols, you will get a bonus or free spins. A prize of winning amount will increase if you hit 3 or more consecutive symbol across payline.


More information about OMG kitten slot game

OMG kitten slot game has skitter symbol. It is shown as fishcat symbol. It is shown as a kitten trying to get fish out of the fishbowl. To earn money, you need to hit the scatter symbol. To get the huge winning amount, keep an eye on scatter symbol. It will increase their interest in the game.

Chances of getting Bonus and chances of play online casino slots real money also increases with each spin in the slot game.

This game also has big kitten symbol. If you hit 3 or more the big kitten symbol, you will get a bonus and a play for free slot.

It works like this, when you hit big kitten in 3 reels consecutively, last two reels will come with a bonus or free Slot. If you hit tiger symbol, you can earn up to 10X multiplier. If you hit bubble symbol, you can earn extra spin. A number of extra spins may vary from 1 to 45 spins. If you get Mr Whiskers, you will get a bonus on each spin.


How to play for free

  1. Select bet level
  2. Select the paylines
  3. Select the coin range
  4. Press start button
  5. As you hit symbols on the reel, you will get result
  6. Press collect button to collect all winning



The theme or background setting of this game is one of the most interesting things to consider while playing this Online casino games.

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