Mythic Maiden Slot

Face your fears of a haunted attic in Mythic Maiden Slot

Just above you is a different world altogether—an attic filled with odd and eerie artifacts all from around the parts of the world less traveled. Enter a slot game that’s filled with great mystery but promises a wonderful fortune. If you’re lucky, that is. Mystic Maiden will test your courage. How badly do you want that prize? Well, you’ll need to spin the reels filled with creepy relics and land some Free Spins and multipliers to do so. And with the amount offered as its winnings, the prize becomes more coveted than ever. But only those brave enough to enter the attic will be given the opportunity to revel in any of the possible winnings.

Imagine a traveler who’s been to most destinations that no ordinary human being would dream—or even, have the guts to go to. Then, built up a collection of relics from these places and from his travels to far off lands and placed them in his attic. Here, the antiquities gather dust from abandonment. Years, and even decades come to pass, and again, we can only imagine the fate of the traveler. And you, as the player, are given the opportunity to rediscover these artifacts and finally, breathe life into them once more. However, what these antiquities have that you don’t know is their spirit still residing in each of them.

Uncover their stories by spinning the wheels and watch them come to life with each win. The eerie atmosphere only invites more otherworldy energies that add a definite fear factor to the spinominal casino slots game. Mystic Maiden revisits the concept of voodoo and magic with shrunken heads, spell books, monster skulls, and even a casket with a lock that already imbibes a “Stay Out” vibe to anyone visiting the creepy attic.


With an impressive 96.6% RTP, this 5-reel, 30-payline video slot is operated by one of the industry’s leading software developers, Netent. What’s interesting about Mythic Maiden, apart from its voodoo and black magic theme, is its high variance—in fact, its very high variance. Players have the chance to win up to x30 of the win displayed in the paytable with the presence of a Wild symbol during the Free Spins rounds. However, because of its high variance nature, the payouts are small and the game includes a lot of dead spins. This quality attracts players who enjoy high variance games because they prefer the bigger win at the end. This requires a lot of patience on the part of the player and may not be for everyone. But once in a while, players do tend to get lucky.

Overall Impression

Graphics – 94%

Gameplay – 92%

Bonuses – 93%

Value – 94%

Overall – 93.25%

What’s Hot (Pros)

· Impressive animation, sounds and graphics

· x10 multiplier which can reach up to x30 in Free Spins

· Mobile compatibility

What’s Not (Cons)

· No progressive jackpots

· Many dead spins

· Small, less frequent payouts

Mythic Maiden Slot Theme

Mythic Maiden takes place in a private and clandestine attic filled with spooky relics and oddities collected by what our best guess can be a traveler who enjoys a different type of adventure. This video slot has an eerie vibe to it which can spike interest in curious players while keeping intrigue in those who are already playing. The background and overall setting of the game is creepy enough to fit in with the game’s dark concept. The sound effects and animations of the video slot are convincing enough to scare the bejeebers out of any player who’s dumb enough to play alone in the dark. And not surprisingly, the game aims for an eerie atmosphere. You’ll see this with its ostensible clues including dusty tombs as unknown doorways to somewhere, creaking of doors and the whistling wind as an ample amount of scare factor in its sound effects. The symbols of the game are pretty much related to horror, which in turn here is voodoo, but also expect a bunch of spiders and all that is dark and scary. The overall vibe of Mythic Maiden will definitely increase your heart rate in fear and excitement all at the same time as to what awaits you in the game—you’ll never know what waits for you at the end.


Low win symbols include what you’d typically find in other slots: 10, J, Q, K and A. But what’s worth noticing here are the high win symbols which include a chest up to x25 for 3 reels, x40 for 4 reels and x150 for 5 reels and a spider up to x200 for 5 reels maximum. Then, the higher ranking ones include a book held by a bony hand which gives up to x50 for 3 reels, x150 for 4 reels and x500 for 5 reels, a monster skull which gives up to x60 for 3 reels, x200 for 4 reels and x1000 for 5 reels, and a shrunken head which pays the most, up to x5 for 2 reels, x70 for 3 reels, x300 for 4 reels and x2000 for 5 reels.


Mythic Maiden is not without bonuses, no matter how eerie. Expect Scatter symbols, Wilds, Free Spins, and Multipliers of up to x10.

The Scatter

The Scatter symbol is represented by two orbs encircling each other. The appearance of 3 or more Scatter symbols on the reels trigger the Free Spins round. Players can also get the chance to win more Free Spins during the Free Spins round. Players can win a generous amount of Free Spins during the Free Spins round. If 5 Scatter symbols appear on the reel, 30 Free Spins are awarded to the player. If 4 Scatter symbols, 15 free spins are awarded to the player and if just 3 Scatter symbols appear on the reels, 10 Free Spins are given to the player.

The Wild

The Wild symbol is represented by the full moon. Just like any other Wild symbol, it replaces all the other symbols in the reels except for the Scatter symbol. All payouts from the wild round come with a x3 multiplier.

Free Spins and Multipliers

The Iron Mythic Maiden is revealed once the Scatter symbol succeeds to activate the Free Spins round. More Free Spins can be activated during the bonus round. During the Free Spins mode, the Iron Maiden beside the reels opens up to reveal a prize of either 2 additional Free Spins or a multiplier of up to x10.

How to Play

First, set the bet level you’d like to play in. Do this by adjusting Level which ranges from 1 to 10 and the Coin Value which ranges from 0.01 to 0.5. If you’re a high roller, choose on Max Bet for the maximum amount of Level. Now if you’re not in the mood to continuously click on the Spin button, go to Autoplay and choose the number you want the reels to spin automatically.<?p>

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