Mega fortune

Mega Fortune is about to bring loads of luck

Imagine a life of glitz and glam, wealth and affluence. Imagine a life lived in mansions, through yachts and limousine rides. Ah yes, the life of a multi-millionaire is one we all covet, whether overtly or secretly. Because with all that money, it can be difficult to not want to treat yourself after you’ve got all your books in order and all your things set and done. So, buy yourself a sportscar, a mansion in Beverly Hills, an exclusive membership to a millionaire’s club, and even buy yourself through life because it’s possible with that amount of money. One can dream, can’t they?  And with all the advantages, it’s easy to see why so many are lured into this dream of hitting home run. And even more so, doing so instantaneously.

At the present, everyone is trying so hard to get lucky and hit it big in whatever industry, trying to be the next big thing in whatever industry—may it be music, art, sports, etc. Mega Fortune is seductive enough because it displays what you can have once you do reach that kind of wealth and affluence.


Surrounding the world of luxury and whatever else it means to be rich and famous is reflected in the symbols on the reels. Mega Fortune slot lures its players with its flashy elements: a yacht in the background, limousines, Rolex watches, shiny cuff links, and rings in the reels, while a wheel akin to the one in Wheel of Fortune shows up as a bonus. Everything else is glitzy and glamorous, either gilded in gold or lined with diamonds, much like the Spin button, even the soundtrack that’s playing in the background screams celebrity high-roller but in a very 70’s disco timeline. And as you escalate your winnings, the music does the same.


It’s important for players to take note on how the bet lines win in this game. They only do so when the bet lines appear in succession from leftmost to rightmost. Also, the payout is limited only to the highest win per bet line.

Low-paying symbols

Players will find symbols among the reels which include low-paying symbols like J and Q embossed in gold and silver cuff links. The J is the lowest symbol with only 3 coins for landing 3, 10 coins for 4, and 75 coins for 5.  Q, on the other hand, has a payout of 4 coins for landing 3, 15 coins for 4, and 100 coins for 5.

A bit higher in the scale among the low-paying symbols are K and A embossed in gold and silver rings. The K symbol has a payout of 5 coins for landing 3 of them, 20 coins for 4, and 125 coins for 5. A, on the other  hand, offers a payout of 5 coins for landing 3 of them, 30 coins for 4, and 150 coins for 5.

High-paying symbols

Higher paying symbols on the other hand compose of a stretch limousine, a wad of cash held by a diamond-encrusted dollar sign, a gold wrist watch filled with diamonds, and a glass of whiskey and a cigar. Of the high-paying icons, the glass of whiskey and cigar come off as the lowest with 10 coins once you land 3 of these symbols on the reels, 40 coins for 4, and 200 if you land 5. Next, the wristwatch that screams “bling” comes next with 15 coins once you land them on 3 reels, 50 coins for 4, and 300 coins once you land 5 of these on the reels.

The upper echelon of the high-paying symbols includes the limousine and the wad of money. The stack of cash offers a payout of 25 coins if you land 3 on the reels, 100 coins for 4, and 500 coins for landing 5. Finally, the highest symbol, the limousine, offers a payout of 2 coins for landing 2 on the reels, 30 for landing 3, 200 for landing 4, and finally, a whopping 1000 coins for landing 5 of these symbols on the reels.


Mega Fortune features Wilds, Scatters and even Bonus symbols that build up the excitement of the game. These features are meant to multiply your winnings, and believe us, they’re not difficult to come by.

Wilds, Scatters & Free Spins

This symbol features a yacht on it with the word WILD emblazoned on it. This substitutes for all Scatter and Bonus symbols that may appear on the reels.

The Scatter symbol is displayed as a champagne bottle with two flute glasses alongside it. Get at least 3 of these symbols on the reels and you activate the Free Spins round. Then, during the Free Spins round, if you happen to get 2 or more of the Scatter symbols, you activate more free spins, or a multiplier.

However, do take note that bet lines that do win only pay if the reels are in succession from the leftmost to the rightmost reel. Also, it is also important to know that only the highest bet line win is paid, and that any malfunction that could happen in the game within this time span considers all pays and plays null and void.


Land 3 or more bonus wheel symbols on an active payline in succession from left to right on Mega Fortune and you’ll be transported to the Bonus round. Here, 3 wheels are displayed. The first and outermost wheel spins until the player clicks on the Stop button but automatically stops in 20 seconds. The objective is to land an arrow that will lead to the second and middle wheel. This, in turn, also has arrows that should lead to the innermost and final wheel where you get a chance to land the progressive Mega Jackpot. And because it is progressive, all the casinos that offer Mega Fortune in their roster of slot games accumulate the funds used to play. The top jackpot increases with every spin played and takes from all participating casinos that offer Mega Fortune. If you aren’t as lucky to land the arrows each time, you still win smaller amounts corresponding to the numbers you land on each wheel.

How to Play

Gameplay is fairly simple. It has 5 reels, 3 rows and a 25 bet line with an impressive RTP of 96.60%. To get started, choose your bet level by increasing or decreasing the Bet Value. You can also do so by adjusting the Coin Value which ranges from 0.01 to 0.5. Now if you’re feeling pretty lucky and want to roll with the big boys, choose Max Bet to play the game at maximum bet lines, on the highest bet level and coin value. It’s practically, betting at maximum level.

To start playing and getting the reels spinning, click on the diamond encrusted center button that features turning arrows. This will get reels to start spinning. You’ll also notice the background music change tempo once you land winnings. Then, if you’re not really up for manually spinning the reels on your mobile or desktop, you can have them spin automatically. All you need to do is choose the Auto feature and key in the number of spins you want the reels spun for an uninterrupted number of times.

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