Mahjong 88 Slot

A Fusion of Classic and Modern

Mahjong is a parlor game that originated from the Qing Dynasty of China. It is inevitable that the theme of the game is Oriental – with its green tablecloth background and pay symbols are derived from Mahjong tiles. Play’n GO successfully created a modern casino slot with one of the oldest games in history. Check out what this game has in store for you.


Mahjong88 is not your typical slot machine game. It features an 8×8 grid where symbols appear on Mahjong tiles. The game has a cascade feature as well as cluster pays. You will go through different seasons throughout the game, and you can expect to win as much as 5,000x of your total bet.

You will find a Fortune Frog meter at the lower right portion of the screen while the top right shows the season display. You will find the win display at the left, which is similar to other slots from Play’n GO like Sweet Alchemy and Rise of Olympus. You will hear a pleasing Oriental soundtrack which complements the Oriental theme of the slots game.

The graphics may take some getting used to. A western player or someone not familiar with the traditional Mahjong game can easily become confused at first sight of the game. You will observe that all the symbols designs were lifted from Mahjong tiles: there are symbols that display numbers one, two, three, four, five and six. Other tiles are flowers with colors yellow, blue, red and pink.

Mahjong88 has four seasons and you will notice that there are different Wild symbols for each season. A green tile with flower is the wild symbol for Spring, while Summer has a Wild symbol represented by the sun on a yellow tile. Autumn is symbolized by a falling leaf on a red tile, and Winter is represented by an ice crystal on a blue Mahjong tile. The Wild symbols will substitute for all other symbols. The cascade feature occurs when a concealed or blank tile is flipped over to create more winning clusters.

How to play

Before playing Mahjong88, it is important to understand its game mechanics. Unlike other slots games, Mahjong88 may take a while to understand. During a spin, you need to create clusters of matching tiles or symbols. Clusters should be from 4 to 8 similar symbols, either horizontally or vertically. The Wild symbol can substitute for all symbols to help you get a cluster of 12 which can get you at least 12x your stake up to 500x.

In every spin, the 8×8 grid will be filled with 64 symbols. To win, the symbols must form a cluster vertically or horizontally, with a minimum of 4 matching symbols. The winning cluster disappears and will be replaced by new symbols until there are no more winning clusters formed.

Bonus Games and Features

Experience the Four Seasons

As mentioned earlier, Mahjong88 has four seasons. Every season features a unique wild symbol which randomly appears when symbols that drop does not form a winning cluster. Seasons automatically change every 25 spins or so. When a new season arrives, you will be awarded the Season Bonus which you accumulated during the course of the game. Take note that the amount you will be awarded will vary depending on your bet.

Each season has its own unique feature: the Summer season will randomly give you up to 12 wild symbols, the Spring season can add up to 5 wild symbols in different positions and will also destroy the adjacent symbols. The Autumn season releases up to 11 wild symbols and neighboring symbols either destroyed or turned into wild symbols, while the Winter season can add 1 up to 4 sticky wild symbols in random positions which remain until the end of the bonus round.

Super Charged Frog Meter

The Chinese Fortune Frog can be found at the right side of the screen and during a spin sequence, winning clusters fill up that meter. Once you collect 33 symbols, the meter unleashes a new feature: Croak, Spawn, Tongue or Hop. Any of these features will award you more winnings.

Mahjong88 is a feature-rich slots game and it has another called Super Charge. Once you collect 88 symbols, your total stake can be multiplied up to 5x. Take note that only one feature can happen in one spin sequence, either the Super Charge or Fortune Frog feature.

Mahjong88 is a modern take of an ancient game

Mahjong 88 is a unique and unconventional casino slot that requires an acquired taste, especially for a Western audience. The simplest game rule here to win is to form clusters. You will benefit immensely from the special features and random triggers of the four seasons. Although Mahjong88 may be difficult to understand at first, it is a highly volatile game that can give you 5,000x or your total stake. If you like the idea of mixing ancient and modern principles, you cannot go wrong with Mahjong88.

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