Why should one go for the Lunaris slot?

Lunaris slot – Unlike most other casino games that have the typical slot machines, this game has a wheel-shaped in the guise of a moth which makes it not just unique but beautiful in the gaming world too. The free slot provided in the game further enables the gamers to play Live dealer gambling sites with utmost efficiency and win as much as they can.

The Lunaris slot is a game whose title is in Latin is in actuality a kind of moth which means crescent shaped, making the theme extremely unique and go to for gamers. The game provides its players with numerous chances to win and this is one such factor which makes it favorable for most reliable online casinos gamers and all more thrilling.


More about this play for free slot game

This game rose to popularity because of its different looking theme and numerous winning chances being given out to the players who can simply not get enough of the game. Unlike most games which lack the thrill of the casinos, this game has nothing but thrill. While most games lack the presence of a solid Casino wheel, this game has just that.


How to play the game?

  • To play the game, what you need to do is choose a combination and then spin the wheel.
  • It has 2 sets of reels with one having 5×4 sets of reels whereas the other having 5×12 sets of reels.
  • The number of pay lines is 100.
  • This in itself shows how many chances to win you are blessed with.
  • The symbols of the game include flowers, constellations, diamonds, stars and so on.
  • The game is all made for you with your choices given the most priority.
  • You can play the game with prices as low as 0.5 and as much as 25 coins per spin.
  • Once you get entitled to the mystery bonus which is the key feature of the game, you will get hold of multiple winning combinations, free slot spins and bonus.



The theme of the Lunaris slot game coupled with its thrill and profit is more appealing to me than most other casino games that there are.

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