Koi princess

The Koi Princess is a Pretty Little Slot

Koi Princess is a three-dimensional slot machine that has been published in recent months by the Swedish company Netent. Following hard work, Koi Princess joined all the virtual casinos of the brand on November 25, 2015.

It must be said that we were eager to discover it and make it available to our Internet users in a totally free and unlimited game situation (read: Free Spins). No headsets at Avis Casinos with a full-screen version and compatible on tablet and mobile are available.

In short, let’s take a closer look at Koi Princess. This Netent online game promises to make its audience travel to the Land of the Rising Sun. To do this, they transport players all the way to the Far East, or more precisely to Japan. Koi Princess has an impressive soundtrack that adapts perfectly to the circumstances of the game (quiet and moderate yet rich in actions), with stunning graphics that add to the addicting quality of the game.

As usual and especially, as they do not change, Netent developers always integrate characters to the sets. The latter manages each time to have a good reason to add his grain of salt. This is a way to increase the playful side of the game and amplify this atmosphere which has for major principle to be confused with reality.

Playing the game

From the title of this video slot alone, you can imagine that a princess rode around. It is a rather a reserved protagonist who does not really dare to put her foot forward, but she does hide her game well. The action unlocked by the features will restore her and ease to free herself from her shyness. She starts to skip, applaud briefly, pronounce small phrases in Japanese. A player’s goal will be to dynamize the game as much as possible when triggering multiple actions. No worries to have on this side as the challenge that Netent has set is more than validated.

Behind this ravishing and innocent princess is a temple concealed in a thick orange mist.

A sacred building that dominates this small corner of the world by having a view overlooking a river where the water is crystalline and particularly fishy. A stream fed by a large waterfall that we can see active from the right side of the game interface of the Koi Princess slot machine. There is no shortage of graphic elements to embellish this little corner of paradise where the peace and the sweetness of life are in perfect harmony. But it’s not just three-dimensional graphics that will surprise players. Koi Princess lowers records in terms of features to play and the opportunity to make money. For starters, there is a special function that has the principle of activating a bonus bet: A number of 4 random functions including a 5-hit random wild, wilds expandable, as well as a bonus level. Bonus features that will also reach the number 4 with the name of the win win spins, wilds reels free spins, a Wheel of Fortune and finally win corners. Afterward, we will take care of dissecting these multiple functions so that everything is clear before making the decision to play Koi Princess for free.

Koi Princess is an online slot that really comes out of the ordinary with a very impressive graphics quality. Nothing is missing. Everything is there to offer an unforgettable gaming experience to such an extent that it deems unforgettable.


The Koi Princess Video Slot is comprised of 5 reels and 20 paylines. In order to set his bets, the player can count on a panel of sums ranging from 0.01 € to 1 € to determine the value of each token. In addition, it is also possible to deposit up to 10 of these on each of the payment lines. On the other hand, the Bonus Bet option doubles the amount of committed chips. As a result, the overall bet can easily vary between € 0.20 and € 400 at the beginning of each game. When the player activates the Bonus Bet feature, it increases the chance of a bonus game appearing. If 3 bonus symbols come together on rolls 1, 3 and 5, a mini game is triggered, thus allowing the player to collect chips.


The Koi Princess slot machine leads us into the Japanese countryside to follow the extraordinary adventures of a princess. In the background, we notice the presence of a bucolic setting depicting a lake surmounted by a waterfall, centenary trees and an ancient temple where a young princess seems to have retired.

The reels are covered with symbols representing various elements of Asian culture. Thus, we discover a landscape bathed by sunset, an immense dragon, gigantic waves, an enormous golden gong, a lion lucky charm, a frog and a beautiful princess with colorful hair. As we might have expected, the Koi Princess game is equipped with a relaxing soundtrack. Indeed, between each part, it is possible to enjoy a melody interpreted by traditional instruments. When a paid combination appears on the screen, the component symbols come alive and anew, as well as more rhythmic music sounds.


In addition to offering particularly dynamic and rich content in twists and turns, Koi Princess is the perfect game to try to earn money quickly. In addition to offering an incredible number of ways to play, the slot machine has a fixed jackpot worth 100,000 coins. Although this is not King of Slots with 750,000 chips, the game is still worth the effort. In my personal opinion, Koi Princess is a playful and rewarding game.

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