Gold fish

Goldfish slot game comes with loads of fun

Goldfish slot machine offers innovative ways of acquiring credits. With the inclusion of this free slot game, WMS has listed one of its best slot games in the catalog. If you play the game, you come to know about its 6 different features.



All its features offer a lot of fun to trigger different features. This free slot game comes with simplistic design and attractive graphics. Whenever you go with it, this is sure that you can trigger play for free spins to activate your multipliers.

To get free spins, you have to place the gold fish in the fish bowl whenever it jumps. After selecting any one of the 5 bubbles, you can choose the numbers of spins on top casinos online.

This means Goldfish slot machine gives an opportunity to every player to receive either 5 spins, 8 spins, 10, 15 or 20 free spins. You can even avail for a number of multipliers at this moment to increase the value of your credit.


Goldfish slot Multipliers:

When you get the free spinning, you should determine your multipliers by selecting another bubble. This allows you to get any one of the multipliers among 2X, 3X, 5X, 7X and 10X. Remember, this winning value depends on the initial bet.


How to play?

While playing Goldfish play for free slot game, you can across vivid color of fishes. If you can put Purple Fish in the bowl, you get Fish’s Feature. Interestingly, this feature automatically gets activated without the interaction of the player.

There is a Red Fish in this game. Suppose the Red fish jumps in your fishbowl. You have to choose which bonus feature you want to avail for. You get a chance to choose among treasure chest, castle and clam. For Green Fish, you are rewarded with Green Fish Feature to select from group of bubbles for your winning Live gambling online credits.



Goldfish play for free slot offers a lot of opportunities to trigger your credits. You do not need to wait for a longer period of time to choose and increase your credit using its multipliers. The Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol offer huge benefits for successful achievements.

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