Gladiators Gold

Gladiators Gold Slot Machine

Gladiators Gold is an online video slot game machine from Microgaming—a leading software development company and software system provider to the online gambling industry. Gladiators Gold, as its name implies, was inspired by the gladiators. Roman’s form of entertainment then involves armed combatants called gladiators fighting in the arena to death in exchange for gold, money, or freedom. They fight with condemned criminals, wild animals, or other gladiators. The theme used in Gladiators Gold is spot on so much so giving the players a worthwhile experience to be mighty gladiators without shedding blood but making a fortune instead.


A quick peek on the display screen is enough to classify Gladiators Gold into the classic slot game category. Despite the game looking a little dated, the fortune you are getting can suffice the lack of the game’s advanced graphics. Also, the creators of Gladiator Gold are seemingly wise in terms of making an advertising statement. They picked the color gold as the dominant color of the online slot game machine to make a mark so players can easily remember the game’s name.

The game’s logo is of a bulky gladiator grinning in the display screen, holding a chain in his right hand and a sword in his left hand. Rome’s famous architecture—the Colosseum stands proudly in the distance along with a marble column right next to the grinning gladiator.

Rules of Play

Like any other game, Gladiators Gold conforms to a set of rules. These rules will guide the player to play the game right and increase the chances of winning.

Getting started, knowing the game is a must. How does it work? How many reels and paylines are there? How much is a coin costs? After familiarizing the technicalities, it is time to place the bet. Bets are the number of coins the player is willing to wager. The winning chances will depend on the number of payline the player selects. Paylines are the combination line across a set of reels that flashes after each spin has made. It runs in several forms; horizontal, vertical, diagonal, V-Line and even zigzag. In the case of Gladiators Gold, vertical lines are the only form to consider a winning combination. The higher the stake is, the more chances of winning the jackpot.

Now, all that is left for players to do is hope that fate plays in their favor and wait for the winning combination to appear in the slot game machine.

Game Mechanics

Gladiators Gold has three reels and three paylines. On the right side facing the screen, the paytable is situated. It displays all the possible amount of money or credits the players will receive after a successful spin. Gladiators Gold paytable focuses more on combination than individual symbols. This slot game machine has only two symbols—bars and sevens accompanied by specific multipliers. Sevens multiplier may vary according to its color. The jackpot combination consists of three red sevens with a multiplier of 4,000 while the single bars of any kind has the lowest multiplier being five. To earn a multiplier, the player must get the winning combination symbols of any activated payline. Of course, the earnings will depend on the amount the player has bet on. The players can customize the range of their wager as well as the number of paylines they wish to bet on by clicking the command button located under the reels.

Paytable List

It would be wise to go over and read the paytable first before placing a bet. The paytable is situated on the right side of the game screen showcasing the list of all the winning combination symbols with its corresponding multiplier. As mentioned, the lowest combination symbol is a row of three bars of any kinds, followed by a set of either single, double, or triple bar signs.


All slot machine game players have the same vision and goal—to win a large amount of money or credits. This is when questions and concerns are raised. Most frequently asked questions of all slot machine game players are the bonus features. The Gladiators Gold does not have any special symbols or features such as scatters and wilds. Despite the lack of bonuses, there are still big prizes the game offers. The jackpot will surely not disappoint.

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