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Jackpot review of gems gems gems slot

People who love gems games, this is their ideal game. Gems gems gems slot game has four set of reels. The arrangement is like that larger set on the left side and 3 reels on the right side. It will give the player enough opportunity to play for free. This game has 20 reels per spin. Each reel utilizes 20 paylines. It is much higher than any other game. So it increases the thrill in the top online gambling sites.


Information about the gems gems gems slot

Gems gems gems slot game is full of different variety of gems. The dashboard of the game looks very colorful. Symbols used in the games are also attractive. Usage of 4 reels in the game gives the feeling of 4 identical slots. So the result in also quadruple. That is one of the reasons why players like this game.


More Information about this free slot

One more function is present in the play real slots online for money game, multiplier. It multiplies the free spin and allows the user to play for chances. Maximum limit of the multiplier is 12 X.


How to play the game

  1. Select the bet level
  2. Select the paylines
  3. Select the coin range
  4. Hit the start button
  5. Match as many gems as possible.
  6. Blue diamond gem will give you free slot spin.
  7. The multiplier will multiply the chances of your free slot.
  8. 4 reel gives user chance to increase their winning amount 4 times.
  9. The reel present on the left side is larger than other three reels present on the right
  10. If you get a free spin on one reel then you will get 10 free spins and 3X multiplier. If you get a free spin on 2 reels then you will get 10 free spin and 6X multiplier. If you get a free spin on 3 set of reel then you will get 10 free spins and 9X multiplier. Similarly, for 4 set of the reel, you will get 10 free spins and 12X multiplier.



This is one of the most interesting games which most of the gamers have played and this is what the reviews of this game suggest.

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