Divine fortune

Divine Fortune is Divine

Having been based heavily on Greek mythology, Divine Fortune is the game that offers a personal and admirable view of Greek gods and goddesses, and the stories behind them. NetEnt will make you share a unique moment to live, immersing yourself in the heart of the mysteries of the time and imaginary and legendary creatures through this Jackpot Game. We can certainly say that absolutely nothing is left to chance on this slot machine since everything is implemented to immerse you in the game.

Offered as a structure of 5 reels on 3 rows of symbols and 20 paylines, the game also features the presence of 3 jackpots including one of which, the particularity of being progressive and never ceasing d ‘Increase from minute to minute, has become one of the most coveted on the web by the players of Casino777.be! This Mega Jackpot can fall at any time! But as nothing ever falls baked in the arms, you will have to make a minimal effort of clicking on the spin button to throw at least once the rolls, if you hope to steal this mega jackpot with the tip of your hopeful fingers.

Netent Classic Slot

The Swedish publisher knows how to take advantage of its previous successes as titles and once again brings here an irreproachable slot, both for its sound environment and for its visual aspect. You are immediately rocked by a gentle ambient music accompanied by resonant drunken songs inside the temple. The atmosphere is relaxing, but can sometimes be interrupted by an epic and progressive melody that takes over when you perform a winning spin.

As for the graphic aspect of the Divine Fortune slot machine, it is once again the image of what NetEnt offers every time the title is released. It is no surprise that you land on a particularly successful slot, featuring a splendid decoration consisting of giant statues on either side of the game that lets you imagine the richness of this civilization. Each spin launched is potentially suited for gold coins to emerge out of the city on the screen through a fluid and dynamic animation.

Divine Fortune is a textbook ancient mythology-themed slot with elements that is apropos for the ancient Greek lore like the famed Medusa and her multi-ophidian hair, Zeus’s lightning bolt which is in fact the Scatter Symbol, the winged horse Pegasus which is the Wild symbol, or the Gryphon which is widely used in movies in the recent years.  There’s more than meets the eye. Once you fully unload all bonus features you’ll be stunned. For example, the advanced feature of the Falling Wilds Re-Spins or the Wild on Wild Divine Fortune Feature is something that most players don’t expect to find, but becomes one of the reasons that keeps players returning to the video slot.


A progressive slot, Divine Fortune is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot brought to you by software provider bigwig Netent. And because it’s inspired by Greek mythology, the video slot features four characters from lore as paylines. On the paytable, players will find Medusa who has a maximum payout value of 600 when 5 of the icons appear, the Nemean lion whose maximum payout is 400 for 5 appearances, the Minotaur whose maximum payout is 300 for 5, and the Griffin whose maximum payout is 200 for 5.

Bonus Features

Free Spins

When 3 Scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels, it triggers free spins form 5, 8 to 12 spins. However, these are dependent on the number that’s featured on the Scatter symbols.

Wild on Wild

Players won’t be disappointed to find this on the Free Spins feature as well as the game itself. This feature is triggered once the Wild lands behind the Falling Wild. Once this happens, the Wild covers the whole reel and bet spins are awarded accordingly for the spin.

Falling Wild Respins

Keep in mind that the Wild substitutes for all other symbols except for the Free Spins symbols and Bonus symbols. If the Wild appears on any of the reels, it moves down a position and players are given a respin. Players are then awarded with respins until there are Wilds still present on the reels.

Jackpot Bonus 

Collect all three gold coins, and you become eligible for a bonus game. On a pink screen, you’ll get a higher chance of winning the Mega Jackpot. But before anything else, bonus symbols are placed on the reels randomly. There are 15 reels, all spinning individually in the jackpot game.

Each bonus symbol has a coin win value that’s also at random and can increase whatever you bet from x10 to x200. You can win minor, major and mega jackpots in the jackpot game, depending on the number of rows that the bonus symbols appear entirely on.

How to Play

To alter the betting rate which is advisable for newbies to do, players can do a number of actions. To set the number of coins per line, go to “Level”. Then, to set coin denomination, go to “Coin Value”. Both of these combined will create your total bet. To play the game at the highest bet level possible, go to the “Max Bet” button. To play unperturbed, go to “Autoplay” where the reels will continue spinning for a number of rounds automatically. And of course, to start playing, go to “Spin” and watch those reels in motion.


Divine Fortune is a wonderful game but fall short on the collections of the hit to play for payments. What is very attractive, however, is the thought that winning the jackpot is closer than ever. The video slot is of medium variance and features a progressive jackpot at the end of the rainbow; thus making it one of the coveted games of so many new and old players truly want to experience and get the most of their money, time and effort.

Available in both mobile and desktop versions, Divine Fortune can be played anytime and anywhere. The jackpot, despite being progressive, is a local jackpot that changes from online casino to online casino. This benefits the players in a way because it allows those who have really enjoyed the game to peruse other online casinos to check for the highest jackpot available in the market. But in essence, Divine Fortune is a simple enough game for players to get its ins and outs and become more comfortable playing the slot and actually betting money for the advantage of the online casino.

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