If you’ve never been to Brazil’s carnival and want to feel a complete experience, I suggest you don’t miss out on this Microgaming slots game. If you’ve never seen it, close your eyes and think of bright, vibrant colours and a great party atmosphere with Latin musical themes of musical instruments such as drums and timpani.


Carnaval is Here!

This slot of 9 paylines and 5 reels, came with a long number of entertaining bonus features, where you will find a very fun slot game behind all those graphics, which will provide you hours of enjoyment.

You will find yourself as if you were in the carnival from the first minute to take a look at this slot game. Thanks to its wide range of colours, golds, bright purples, blues and roses, their colourful icons and party themes that are found on the game board and reels, that represent a wonderful party atmosphere which includes clowns, colourful headdresses and trumpets spinning. The colours keep the fun during all the game, from spin to spin.

Carnaval is the perfect slot game for those players who want to enter the world of slots, as well as providing hours and hours of fun.


A simple slot

This slot allows a maximum of 9 coins per game, with values between 0.25 and 5. So this is ideal for players who don’t like to risk and who play with bets only 0.25, but also for players to those who like the excitement of the risk and look for to obtain a great amount of money by means of a bet of 45 per game.


The wild and the scatter

The wild logo, as in many other live dealer casino sites is the game symbol, which has the ability to replace any other symbol during the game except the Scatter icon. This gives you a greater chance to be able to create a winning line and thereby gain a great triumph.

The Scatter symbol, gives you the opportunity to multiply all the gains raised so far by multipliers of various sizes. Obtaining 2 scatter symbols, your earns will multiply by 2x, whereas if you hit 3 symbols will multiply by 10x and even 25 times if you hit 4 scatter symbols, but the best come by hitting 5 scatter symbols which will multiply for a 50x. So, take this great opportunity to increase your profits.


Party Jackpot

The main objective of this slot is to collect through your winning line as many Carnaval logos as possible, with 4 logos of Carnaval you will earn 800 coins and with 5 of them, you could win the jackpot prize up 5,000 coins. But you can also get other good prizes with the logo of the woman of the carnaval, to get 5 of them and that would mean 600 coins. Although there are no additional features and bonus rounds that you can find in other slots, there are high chances of winning big prizes with this game of casino site reviews.

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