Big bang

Big Bang slot takes you deep into space

Flashy graphics, a catchy tune, incremental gains, and of course, the opportunity to win big; what more can you ask for in a video slot?


Set deep in space, before anything ever existed, Big Bang video slot is largely homage to the eponymous theory of the start of everything and its intergalactic roots. Here, the setting gives off a stellar vibe in its back to black background speckled with gem-like elements that signify celestial bodies at a distance.

Because of it cosmic theme, elements in the reels also reflect celestial components: planets and the sun signify important symbols while a font that’s reminiscent of a vintage sci-fi movie perpetuates the screen. The color scheme is also akin to a sci-fi flick with neon tones of red, green, violet, blue and the like, highlighted against a dark  background. Paired with mystical ambient music in the background, the slot stays true to its astrological theme.

Features of Big Bang slot

As complicated as the graphics may look, Big Bang slot boasts a simple gameplay that’s easy for those starting out in their online casino journey. With 25 paylines within just 5 reels, it can sound a bit intimidating. However, the lack of extra bonus features and rounds keep the game focused on the slot game itself where you can win big from whatever’s in front of you.

 Low-paying symbols

The typical icons in most slots are also present in Big Bang. The slot formats its low-paying symbols like all the others with A, J, Q, K and 10 but in a space age visual style.

High-paying symbols

On the paytable and even on the reels, you’ll notice that you win more coins with the cosmic icons. These range from the red sun as the highest with over 1000 coins maximum, to the yellow with 700, green with 500, violet with 400, and lastly, to the blue moon as the lowest with 300 coins once they all appear in all 5 reels.

Wild symbol

Shown on the reels as a sun with the word “WILD” on it, this symbol replaces for any other symbol on a possible payline. If you do become fortunate enough to land 5 of these Wilds on all the reels simultaneously, you will be rewarded with 1000 coins. Wilds are also a great way to rank up the Multiplier Ladder in the slot game.

Multiplier Ladder

Who doesn’t enjoy winning on spins? Well, you’ll enjoy them even more multiplied. Big Bang features a ladder that multiplies your winnings as you hit consecutive wins. The multiplier ladder ranges from x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, until x32. In fact, you can hit the x32 multiplier at the topmost tier if you happen to be lucky enough to hit 5 consecutive wins.


Like standard video slots, Big Bang follows the similar gameplay. First and foremost, the wager needs to be adjusted. You can do this through the “Level” button which adjusts the bet level. Next, adjust the coin size through the “Coin Value” button. Coin value ranges from 0.01 to 0.5. To spin the reels and start the game, hit the “Spin” button. Then if you want to play uninterrupted for a number of spins, click on “Autoplay” and choose the number of spins you desire. Finally, bet the maximum amount you can bet in the game skillzzgaming slots if you’re feeling lucky by hitting the “Max Bet” button. The maximum bet per spin for Big Bang slot is 100 coins, while the maximum coin jackpot is263,032.

One thing that players might expect from this slot is the presence of a bonus round or free spins round. Normally, these rounds transportthem to a hidden stage that one must unlock through a number of wins or through certain plays. Big Bang slot likes to keep it simple. What you see is what youget. Instead of bonuses and bonus rounds, the slot adds an added feature uncommon to other slots. The Multiplier Ladder is a great way to increase yourwinnings instantly.

Although Big Bang slot lacks the extra features many Netent games have to offer, it is straight to the point and thus, easy to understand. With 25 paylines available, you can expect great payouts and more chances to raise your winnings from the real time spins alone.

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