Bier haus

Play Bier Haus slot game to enjoy beer along with the gameplay

If you have a desire for beer and slot games that go hand in hand, then this Bier Haus slot is here to fulfill it. Whether you might be unknown of German Beer House or not, this game comes with the theme on the same to create a different loop in the game.


Bier Haus slot machine:

Some culture enjoys the beer in the party. Here, suppose you love to have a beer in parties. In this context, this play for free slot game is perfect to go with. If you are a German, then it should be one of the topmost slot games in your list.

In Germany, people celebrate the world famous Oktoberfest which is dedicated to beer. Now, with the availability of this free slot game, you can celebrate every online adventure of a slot machine with beer.


Play for free symbols available

To experience the excitement of beers of Bier Haus, you get different symbols on the reels to increase your credits for every successful accomplishment of winning combinations. Some of the symbols include-

  • Bavarian Beer Drinker
  • German Castle
  • Beer Stein
  • Accordion
  • Game’s Logo
  • Chestnuts
  • Beer Mugs

To serve the beer, you can select the German Waitresses Symbols. These symbols also act as a trigger for free spins.


How to play this free slot game?

Bier Haus play for free slot machine comes with several attractive features including bonus features. While playing this game, you get the opportunity to shift Wild Symbols and transform it into other symbols. Here, you should not be confused with Wild Symbols and all other symbols.

There will be two different Waitress icons and it depends on the ‘Feature’ and ‘Gold Feature’ Symbol for their representation. The only difference is that Gold Feature Symbol gets locked during free spins mode and play free slot machine games with free spins and bonus.



Bier Haus slot game is simple to play and win credits. If you are a German, you will never miss it. A clever gamer can win a lot of credits for successful winning combinations. You should make plans before going to play slot games real money. With the available symbols and features, it becomes easy to get free spinning up to 80 spins.

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