Aliens slot

Aliens slot machine will take you to a new world

This extremely thrilling online casino game Aliens, from Net Entertainment, is inspired from the movie itself. In the introduction to the game you will see the spaceship landing on a cold and snowy planet, where the Aliens are waiting for the crew. Open this game and you will be up for a thrilling surprise.

The creepy background music and the sound effects makes you a bit scared of clicking on the start button, but if you don’t click on it you will be disappointed. This is an online casino game which has extremely powerful graphics, and the control panel is nice lit up in a blue colour. In the background of the reels you see the planet the spaceship just has landed on and all the symbols are associated with the theme. Very exciting bonus rounds awaits you and you will have the chance to win up to 570000 coins!

Playing the game

To start the game, click on the blue triangle shaped start button in the middle. Choose your coin value, between 0.01-0.20, by clicking on the arrows next to the “Coin Value” display. Your coins are shown in the “Coins” display. You can also change your bet amount by clicking on the arrows next to the “Level” display. Your bet amount is shown in the “Bet” display. If you would like to make a maximum bet, you just click on the “Maxbet” button.

By clicking on the “Autoplay” button you can make between 10-1000 spins automatically.

Game settings, volume, game rules and autoplay can be accessed in the lower left corner of the game window. If you would like to read about the different bonus features and how much each symbol combination pay out, then you just click on the “i” button.

Symbols and Features

You can multiply the symbol values and play through 3 levels in this online casino game. The symbols are different aliens. The Wild symbols can appear on reels 2-5 on the first level of the game. It is possible to play on different levels. You start on Level 1 “The Search” and on this level the premises are scanned for alien activity.

The empty boxes in the top of the game window are added with symbols, and all symbols in a winning bet line can be added except for Wild symbols. When all the boxes are full with symbols then you reach the next level. In Level 2 “The Encounter”, you will attack Aliens as they are coming against your way. If you succeed to destroy all the attacking aliens, you will reach the next level. In level 3 “The Hive”, you will have to destroy the queen and her hive before the aliens catch you. A parameter will be displayed which shows 4 steps, each representing how much damage that has been done to the hive and the more damage the more steps are completed. When you have completed the last level you will be rewarded with a certain amount of coins.


After playing Aliens slot machine, it gets clear that anyone can win a bet. With the help of Weyland-Yutani Corporation Logo (Wild Symbol), you can increase your credit noticeably. In this context, it is possible to substitute other symbols on reels for more positive outcomes. Like most of the other online play for free slot games, this free neogames casino slots online machine is user-friendly. It is quite easy to play and enjoy huge credits.

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