Age of discovery

Discover the new world

The Age of Discovery was a period of world history comprising between the 15th century and the 18th century. A period in which great European nations embarked to cross the globe and explore distant lands.  You will go through the old era of the news findings and dangerous voyages on unknown lands.

Age of Discovery has similar icons to the classic fruit machine, just that it has exotic fruit like mangos, papayas and avocados instead of cherries, pears and melons, but the best are the Gold Coin (The best winning slot machine), a wild Dragon and a beautiful and old compass.

Age of Discovery run on Microgaming on live online casino real money and is a 25 paylines video slot. To adjust your bet, it is important to know that the value ranges of the coins are between 0.01 and 2. You can choose the number of paylines that you want clicking “Select Lines”, but to play for a number without interruption of times you have to press the “Expert” option and then “Auto Play”.


A wide paylines

There are some interesting features that can help you to get big winnings. When appearing on the reels 3 or more Compass icons it allows you to play some bonus rounds. So, you will have to click the crosses on the map which contain 30 treasure sites of popular online casinos in the world. The crosses hide the instant wins which will be accumulated until you find the Skull and Cross Bones behind one of them. After this, your prize will be paid.

You can win credits too with the Scatter symbols if at least 3 of them appear at any place on the screen. In addition, the Gold Coin symbol represent the Wild symbol and it serves to complete the win lines since it replaces any other icon (except for Scatter and Bonus symbols).


The bonus feature

One point in its favour, despite being a very standard model, is that it is quite easy to activate the bonus feature, which is always good news.

You can even turn the sound on for some nautical sound effects. And all with the possibility of the great JackPot of 60 000 coins! Will you find the treasure hidden in the islands? This great slot is perfect for the slot starter who went from the classic slot and want to discover the fantastic world of multi-line 5-reel slots… Here you choose the risk!

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