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Rotating Reels help solve one of the biggest frustrations of casino slots players – when symbols do not land on the right reels to make a winning pattern. When symbols are not landing on the reels that can give a good outcome, it can be downright frustrating and annoying. Find out how you can benefit from the special Rotating Reels function of slots games!

Rotating Reels Overview

If you haven’t noticed yet, casino software creators and developers never get tired of innovating the iGaming industry. From classic fruit slots, we can now enjoy a variety of video slots that contain a myriad of features that will surely delight every kind of online gambler.

Software developers have been trying to find ways to make casino slots more enjoyable and rewarding for players. Players get irked or disappointed when they don’t collect the symbols on a specific payline which gave developers the idea to create Rotating Reels, a slots feature which lets players create winning patterns in almost any direction in one spin. Rotating Reels are usually seen in some free spins games or slots bonus rounds. But the Rotating Reels that we will talk about are the ones that happen in the normal game. Yes, you heard that right – Rotating Reels in every spin. To understand how Rotating Reels work, you’ll have to start spinning the reels first. Note that the standard initial spin will still award the prizes based on the winning combinations created. The reels then will rotate for the first time to give you another payout. There is possibly a third and fourth rotation wherein you will get the prizes from the new combinations formed. The reels will then be returned to its original position before you click the Spin button for your next game. In a nutshell, you get awarded four times for the symbols collected in the similar paylines – that’s left, right, top and bottom of the reels. Imagine being paid four times for just one spin! Rotating Reels are not common or standard gameplay so you will likely not encounter this kind of feature in any ordinary slots game. It is normally used as a feature for bonus games but we can expect more developers to integrate the Rotating Reels feature in the normal slots gameplay in the future. Below are just some examples of video slots with the Rotating Reels feature:
  • Gods of Giza: Genesis Gaming’s Gods of Giza is a 20-payline video slot set on a 4x4 grid. It has an Egyptian theme that fits the Rotating Reels feature really well. The feature is activated after each free spin and can be retriggered anytime.
  • Sweet Emojis: Booming Games Sweet Emojis video slot is a 16-payline game set on a 4x4 reel set. If you’re a fan of emojis, then you will definitely enjoy the Sweet Emojis slot game which activates the Rotating Reels feature when you collect the Surprised Face emoji symbol.
  • Galactic Speedway: Another Booming Games offering, Galactic Speedway is a 16-paylines slot set on a 4x4 grid. Although space-themed games are not that popular in online casinos, Galactic Speedway has its own merits worth mentioning including the Rotating Reels feature that will be triggered once you get the Spinning Galaxy icon.
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Rotating Reels Benefits and Drawbacks

Just like any slots feature, Rotating Reels has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. One obvious benefit of Rotating Reels is the fact that you can quadruple your win leading to huge payouts. And who does not want to win four times more than what is already expected?

Another advantage of Rotating Reels the gameplay itself – it looks fun and definitely has its own unique appeal. When you collect a good number of similar symbols during a spin, you get wins from the left, right, top and bottom direction! You’ll get excited seeing combinations that you never thought that you would get – so you’ll get a good surprise every now and then. Players will be delighted and never get bored with the unique gameplay offered by the Rotating Reels feature. The Rotating Reels feature offers the potential for huge payouts. Furthermore, the feature offers a new level of excitement that can never be experienced with standard game spins. Now let’s talk about the potential drawbacks of Rotating Reels. Of course, video slots are still games of chance and there is no real guarantee that you will win big every single time. Another disadvantage of Rotating Reels is the fact that the feature may seem gimmicky which may not be too appealing for players who prefer the simple and straightforward slots gameplay. Some players do not want to be distracted by the features that can distract them from the game. If you’re that kind of player, it is better to stick to games with the usual features and gameplay. Rotating Reels have their own unique allure but it does not mean that all players will like this special feature. At the end of the day, preferences are very important in choosing the right kind of slot machine.

Rotating Reels FAQs

Are Rotating Reels slots available to play at online casinos? - Slots with Rotating Reels feature are available to enjoy at different online casinos. Simply search online and you will be able to find a suitable Rotating Reels slots so you can break away from the usual, mundane slots games.

Are there many Rotating Reels slots to choose from? - Unfortunately, there are only selected slots games with the Rotating Reels function such as the one mentioned above by Genesis Gaming and Booming Games. Do Rotating Reels slots pay more than regular slots games? - There is no evidence that slots with Rotating Reels pay out more than the standard slots games. Remember that every slots game has an RTP which is basically an estimate of the percentage of possible payouts to the player from best live dealer casino. Rotating Reels are basically an added attraction to the usual casino slots games which will be interesting to some players but distracting to others.

Rotating Reels Conclusion

Casino software developers never run out of ideas when designing their game titles. One proof is the Rotating Reels feature found in some slot machines. An obvious advantage to playing a game with the Rotating Reels function is the possibility of winning up to four times your usual prize. It also offers a unique and interesting style of gaming that will appeal to more adventurous players. Traditional free NetEnt slots players, however, may find the feature too distracting or even convoluted. If you’re raring to try something out of the ordinary, you should give Rotating Reels slots a whirl. Aside from getting to try a new style of gaming, you also get to quadruple your winnings which is never a bad thing. There are not too many games offering this feature but we hope that more games with this function are developed by game designers in the future.