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Paytables in online video slots are not there merely for display; it gives a wealth of information with regards to what symbols you should get and how much they will pay. If you find yourself disregarding the casino paytable when you gamble, find out why understanding the paytable before starting any game is very important.

Paytable of Online Casinos Overview

Many people enjoy playing casino slot machines because of the thrill and excitement that each spin brings. Whether you like playing at live casinos or at virtual gambling sites, it is important to understand how the game will pay you for your time and efforts.

Just like playing at a physical casino, you should take time to look at and understand the slot paytable to get a better idea what symbols are paying the most, which symbols you need to collect to activate the bonus game or free spins. Slot paytables may seem complicated, but they are not since they are laid out in a way that’s easy to understand. The paytable of the slot game can be easily accessed by clicking on the button that says Paytable. In other game interfaces, the paytable flashes on the screen while spinning so that the player can easily refer to the paytable during the game. A casino slot paytable lists the symbols that you will encounter in the game, the possible combinations you can get and the points or prizes you will garner with them based on your coin bet.
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Paytable of Online Casinos Benefits

Without paytables, it is possible to be confused about the mechanics of the game. Although some slots games have fairly simple game mechanics, video slots definitely have gone a long way from single-payline fruit slots. Online casino paytables are still the best way to comprehend the game mechanics before you start betting with real money. Of course, you can also start playing with the demo game first, but live casinos and some online casinos do not offer trial games. In a nutshell, you get these simple but important benefits through online casino paytables:

  • Learn about the game’s symbols and their corresponding values
  • Understand the different active pay lines in the slots game
  • Find out which symbols you need to collect to trigger the game’s special features such as free spins, expanding wilds, et cetera
  • Get acquainted with the game’s special and exclusive features
  • Learn how you can boost your winnings, for example, how many coins you need to get to become eligible for the progressive jackpot

Paytable for Online Casinos: Understanding the Details

It’s usually uncommon to find a slot's paytable that is complicated to understand. The game developers will have paytables with different layouts or designs but they will still contain the same information.

The first page of the paytable normally displays the symbols and their corresponding prizes depending on the coin bet. It also contains the diagram of possible combinations, although some paytables no longer include this information especially if there are so many possible paying combinations. It may also contain information on how Wild symbols substitute the symbols during the game. The next page will provide a more comprehensive explanation of how the game symbols work during the normal game and the bonus game or free spins. The second page also describes the symbols' extra functions, if any. For example, if the Wild symbol can substitute for the Scatter symbols, which is not common but not impossible. Another example is when the other game symbols can activate special in-game bonuses. Another page may be added if there is not enough space to cover the information needed such as progressive jackpot details and other special in-game features and bonuses. These are the following information that you can expect to see in an online casino paytable:
  • Game rules and mechanics
  • Game symbols and corresponding values
  • Paylines and combination diagrams
  • Free Spins feature and how it can be activated
  • Bonus Game feature and how it can be activated
  • Jackpot feature and in-game tournament mechanics
  • Return-to-player percentage, variance details, and more

It is very important to read through all the pages to make sure you get the complete game mechanics. Knowing what to aim for helps improve not only your gaming experience but also boosts your odds of winning. And we all know that the latter is the real reason you want to play fun and friendly online casino.

Paytable for Online Casinos: Understanding the Paylines

Paytables not only let us understand how to trigger the bonus games or free spins, most importantly, it tells us if a combination is considered a winning pattern. Paylines are basically combinations in slot machine games, and sometimes also known as winning lines or betting lines. Back in the day, classic slot machines only had one payline. But now, you will find modern slot machines with multiple paylines reaching up to more than a thousand! Some slot machines now also pay both ways, meaning paylines can be from left to right or right to left. Even better, modern slots can also have Any-Way pays which means all combinations are considered a payline!

The slot machine paytable tells us the total paylines a game has which is actually more important than finding out which symbol is the highest paying. Even if you collect the most valuable symbols in the game, if they don’t land on a payline, you don’t get anything. Some video slots allow you to choose the number of paylines to activate. But for best results, you should choose to activate all paylines in the game. There are some slot machines with fixed paylines so there is no way to reduce them. Video slots with jackpot features also require players to keep all the possible paylines active in order to be eligible for the jackpot. Modern slot machines have come a long way from being single-payline, left to right paying games. The paytable will tell you the direction that the lines will pay such as:
  • Left to Right – the most common and normally the standard direction for paylines
  • Right to Left – the paylines are calculated starting from the rightmost reel going to the left
  • Pay Both Ways – paylines can start from left to right or right to left
  • Cluster Pays – symbols must form a cluster of 3 to 5 in order to be considered winning combination
  • All Ways – the paylines of All Ways games have the most paylines in slot machines and commonly found in games with 243 ways to win or more.

Here are some examples of online slot machines with their respective paylines:

  • 3 Paylines: Gold Bricks by Rival Gaming
  • 5 Paylines: Cash Caper by CryptoLogic
  • 9 Paylines: MegaSpin Progressive Major Millions by Microgaming
  • 15 Paylines: Fairie Nights by 1x2Games
  • 20 Paylines: Penguin Power by RealTime Gaming
  • 25 Paylines: Mega Fortune by NetEnt
  • 88 Paylines: Lucky Tiger by RealTime Gaming
  • 100 Paylines: Playboy Gold Slots by Microgaming
  • 243 Paylines: Exotic Cats by Microgaming
  • 1024 Paylines: Artic Fortune by Microgaming

There are many types of games with different paylines – some paylines falling in between the ones listed above. With the continuous improvement of online casino games, we can expect more innovative designs in the future.

Paytable for Online Casinos Conclusion

The paytable at online casinos is one section that you shouldn’t skip. Don’t underestimate the information that you can get from reading the paytable for a few minutes. If you’re very excited to start playing, you will be more excited when you know first-hand what you need to collect in order to score great wins! It’s also not a good idea to get stuck playing some game that you did not take the time to understand the mechanics. As the saying goes, knowledge is power. By taking the time to go through the paytable of your chosen online casino game with Live casino players, you will have more control of your online gambling experience.