You find the paytable button in most of the slot games online which will have the text “Paytable” or letter “i” written on it.

By clicking on this button which normally is located in the bottom of the game screen, you will access information on how to play bonus games, bonus symbols, scatter symbols how these looks like, how many you need to activate a bonus and how much different symbols combinations pay out. Furthermore, you can also read about jackpots and RTP percentage.

What is paytable?

Depending on the slots theme, the paytable button usually has an appearance matching the theme itself and can look like a stone button, a wooden button or anything else with blend in good with the rest of the theme. It is a good idea to read the above information before you start playing the game so you have an insight about how the game and its bonus rounds works, which is important in today’s slots, since they are more complex compared with the older slot machines.

Paytables are very easy to understand as they have a simple design and the pages in the paytable are divided into different sections. There is one page for symbol payouts, one for bonus games, one for bonus symbols and so on. You can easily go back and forth between these pages and look at them over and over again if you want.




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It is never a bad idea to be well-informed about how the game works beforehand, which also could increase your chances of winning and make you enjoy your gaming experience a bit more.