Bonus Games


Almost all slot games offer bonus games which you can trigger during a spin. The bonus games are mostly found in 5-reel slot games and is a great complement, giving the player a better gaming experience.

When you activate a bonus round it is always a nice moment, since you have the chance to play free spins, reveal bonus money which is hiding behind something, a wheel of fortune, expanding wild symbols or other exciting bonus games I which can wine some extra money. With so many new games on the market, there are tons of bonus features to be discovered and you will never have a boring time when playing them. The bonus games really spice up your gaming experience and the slots would not be the same without them.

How Bonus games work?

The 5-reel slot games usually scatter symbols. The scatter symbols can unlock bonus features, for example you might need 3 scatter symbols to activate the bonus game. The scatter symbols are visible by having the text “Scatter” written underneath the symbol itself. Normally, you are awarded with free spin rounds when getting a winning scatter combination. These free spins can sometimes be retriggered during the free spin rounds.

All you have to do to start playing a bonus game is to visit an online casino and start playing any of the slots that they offer.