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Deposit Methods With Revolut

Are you ready to start playing but don’t know how to fund your Revolut casino account? Don’t worry – it’s easier than you might think. With over 7 million users worldwide, Revolut is one of the most popular payment services for online gambling.

Here are some of the most popular deposit methods to get you started:

  • Bank transfers
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Revolut’s Top-Up Code

With so many options, you’ll be ready to play in no time!

Bank Transfers

You can easily make bank transfers with Revolut, keeping your money safe and secure! Bank transfers are one of the most popular deposit methods used by Revolut customers. It’s a great way to get your funds into your Revolut account without incurring any bank fees.

Unlike other methods of payment, bank transfers provide users with a direct link between their bank account and their Revolut account. This makes it easier to track and manage your funds, as well as to deposit or withdraw your money when needed.

Plus, deposits via bank transfers are generally processed quickly, allowing you to start enjoying the games and services offered by Revolut in no time. With direct deposits, you can be sure that your money is safe and secure with Revolut. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and secure way to make deposits into your Revolut account, bank transfers are the way to go.

No matter what your banking needs are, bank transfers are a great way to get your funds into your Revolut account quickly and securely. Plus, with the added convenience of direct deposits, you can be sure that your money is always safe and secure. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why bank transfers are the go-to deposit method for Revolut customers.

Moving onto credit or debit cards, they are an alternative way to securely deposit funds to your Revolut account.

Credit or Debit Card

Adding funds to Revolut can be done quickly and easily with a credit or debit card. By investing in cards, Revolut offers customers secure and fast deposits. Here are the 4 key steps to complete a deposit with a card:

  1. Select the ‘add funds’ option.
  2. Input the desired deposit amount.
  3. Enter your card information, protected with security measures.
  4. Confirm the deposit and the funds will appear in your Revolut account.

A credit or debit card deposit is instant, and you can track your transactions in the Revolut app. The service is reliable and secure, so you can have peace of mind when depositing. With a card, you can also set up automatic payments and deposits, making budgeting and managing your funds easier.

Using a credit or debit card to add funds to Revolut is a great way to manage your finances. With its secure and fast deposits, Revolut is an excellent choice for those looking to add money to their account quickly and easily. From here, you can move onto the next step of setting up Apple Pay.

Apple Pay

Make managing your finances even easier with Apple Pay and Revolut! With the help of your Apple Watch, Apple Pay is a digital wallet that can be used to securely store your credit and debit card information. It’s a fast and easy way to make payments with just a tap!

Advantages Disadvantages
Secure Not accepted everywhere
Fast Not free
Easy to use Requires device with Apple Pay capability

Apple Pay and Revolut make it easy to pay for transactions online, in-store, or on the go. It’s a great way to manage your finances and make sure your money is safe. You’ll also have access to your account history and track your spending. With Apple Pay and Revolut, you can even transfer money to friends and family quickly and securely.

The only downside is that Apple Pay isn’t accepted everywhere yet. But as more and more businesses begin to accept the payment method, that will be less of a problem. Additionally, Apple Pay isn’t free, but the cost is usually minimal.

Using Apple Pay and Revolut is a great way to make sure you’re always in control of your finances. With just a few taps, you can make secure payments and keep track of your spending. So make your payments easier and give Apple Pay and Revolut a try!

Ready to take the next step? With Google Pay and Revolut, you can now make payments even faster and more conveniently.

Google Pay

With Google Pay and Revolut, you can now quickly and conveniently pay for transactions on the go! Google Pay is a secure digital payment platform that uses your debit card to make payments. Here are three features that make it a great choice for Revolut users:

  1. Security: Google Pay offers a secure way to pay with debit cards, as it encrypts and stores your card information. This ensures your card information is kept safe and secure.

  2. Speed: With Google Pay, you can pay with your debit card quickly and easily. Transactions are processed in a matter of seconds, so you can get on with your day.

  3. Convenience: You can use Google Pay to pay for transactions in-app and in-store. This means you can stay on top of your finances without having to carry a debit card.

Google Pay is a great option for Revolut users who want to make payments quickly and securely. With its robust security features and convenient payment options, it’s a great way to keep your finances in check. Plus, it’s easy to use and you can be sure your debit card information is safe and secure.

Moving on to PayPal, you can now make payments quickly and securely from anywhere.


PayPal is a super-fast and ultra-secure way to pay, making it the perfect payment solution for anyone who needs to make payments quickly and securely! With Revolut, you can easily add funds from external accounts, transferring money abroad in just a few clicks.

Plus, PayPal is accepted in hundreds of countries and supports dozens of different currencies, making it the ideal payment solution for those who need to make international payments. With PayPal, you can easily transfer money to friends and family worldwide or pay for goods and services online, without having to worry about exchange rates or fees.

PayPal is an incredibly convenient way to transfer money, allowing you to pay in just a few clicks with the highest level of security. Moreover, PayPal’s support team is always on hand to help with any queries or issues you might have.

The speed, convenience, and security of PayPal make it the perfect choice for anyone who needs to make payments quickly and securely. And with Revolut, it’s even easier to add funds from external accounts and transfer money abroad.

With Bitcoin, the possibilities are even greater.


Bitcoin is an increasingly popular digital currency that offers unparalleled flexibility and security, making it an attractive choice for those looking to make payments quickly and securely. With its decentralized nature, Bitcoin allows users to make anonymous transactions and gives them the freedom to move money from one account to another without the need for a trusted third-party.

Bitcoin has some unique features that make it attractive for gambling purposes, such as:

  • NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which can be used as a digital asset to store and transfer value
  • The Lightning Network which offers improved scalability and faster transaction times than traditional Bitcoin networks
  • The ability to use Bitcoin for micro-transactions and other small payments

Bitcoin has become a popular choice for casino and gambling websites due to these features, as well as its secure and user-friendly nature. With the added convenience of being able to make payments quickly and anonymously, Bitcoin can be an ideal choice for those looking to make online payments.

With its low fees and fast transactions, Bitcoin is a great option for users looking to quickly and securely deposit funds into their Revolut account. Revolut’s simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to transfer Bitcoin into your Revolut account using a top-up code, allowing you to take advantage of Revolut’s services without the need for a traditional banking account.

Revolut Top-Up Code

You’re only seconds away from unlocking the power of Revolut with its top-up code. This code acts like the key to the kingdom, giving you instant access to the world of banking from the comfort of your own home.

Revolut’s top-up code provides a hassle-free way to add funds to your account. Once you unlock it, you can start making payments, transfers, and purchases online. Additionally, using a Revolut top-up code allows you to earn cashback rewards for every transaction you make. You’ll also have the convenience of using prepaid cards and making international payments at competitive rates.

And let’s not forget the simplicity of topping up your account with just a few taps. It’s the perfect way to stay in control of your finances and securely access the global economy.

With a Revolut top-up code, you can access the power of Revolut in a matter of minutes. Start enjoying the benefits today and make the most of your money. Unlock the power of Revolut and embrace the convenience and security of a top-up code now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for deposits to appear in my account?

Your funds will appear quickly and securely. Payment speed is usually instant, so you don’t have to wait for your deposit to show up. Enjoy the peace of mind that your deposits are safe and secure.

Are there any fees associated with making a deposit?

You could be spinning for a win in no time! Depositing with Revolut comes with no fees, and transaction speeds are quick. Plus, there’s no limit on deposits. Take the plunge and start playing now!

Is there a minimum deposit amount?

Yes, there is a minimum deposit amount. You can save on costs and take advantage of refund policies, but make sure to deposit at least the minimum amount required.

Are deposits insured against loss?

Your deposits are protected against loss with fraud protection and regulatory compliance. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your money is safe and secure.

Are deposits to Revolut accounts from other banks secure?

Yes, deposits to Revolut accounts from other banks are secure. Data encryption and fast transaction speed ensure your funds are safe and secure. Rest assured your money is in good hands.


Revolut offers a variety of deposit methods, making it easy to add money to your account. You can choose from options such as bank transfers, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Bitcoin, and even Revolut’s own Top-Up Code. With so many choices, it’s like playing a game of slots – you never know what method you’ll get! The best part is that all of these deposit methods are fast and secure, giving you peace of mind as you start playing your favorite casino games.