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Best Online Casinos in the United States

The United States is one of the biggest gambling centers in the world. With cities such as Las Vegas that are true casino capitals, there is no doubt that the online casinos that the US has to offer are some of the best on the planet. From Slots and Roulettes to Blackjack, Poker, and everything in between, US online casinos are known to be fast, responsive, and incredibly fun. Every bet at a game is another wave of adrenaline surging through the player’s body.

As a result of this large number of virtual establishments, the US has very strict legislation that regulates all forms of gambling. However, every state has slightly different conditions when it comes to licensing online casinos, and this makes it extremely important for players to understand their rights and how they are protected by the law.

Our review teams have sifted through thousands of US online casinos in order to only select the best of the best. Each of the ones included in our list has undergone extensive testing and have also been evaluated by our legal specialists in order to ensure that the licenses are real and that all the players’ financial data and deposits are secured.

The best online casinos in the World

The US offers some of the most popular online casinos in the world. These offer a huge variety of electronic and live table games, that are built in collaboration with the biggest gambling game developers in the industry, such as NetEnt mobile slot games, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and BetSoft.

Each of these companies has decades of experience in creating high-quality table games that are quick to load, look great on any kind of screen, and offer a high level of security when it comes to the random number generator algorithm that powers them.

Our review teams have only selected the most popular digital establishments and have ensured that each and every one of them is licensed by the government. This having been said, these are US online casinos, however, some may have restrictions with regard to the state that you can use them from. This information is included in the player guide that the websites offer new players when creating a new account.

Live table games for High Rollers and Enthusiasts

Electronic games are great due to the fact that they take very little time to play and there are very few variables when compared to real casino games. Furthermore, they are fast and rely on a random number generator algorithm that is designed to simulate the exact “randomness” and chances that can be seen in a real-world casino.

Live table games, on the other hand, take the algorithm out of the equation and replace it with a real dealer hired by the best casino. The dealers shuffle real cards and spin real roulette wheels during the games, so the only deciding factors when it comes to whether you win or lose are luck and strategy. Also, some of the best dealers in the world live and work in the US, and the online casinos in our list only hire extremely talented and professional individuals.

This makes live table games virtually identical to the physical casino experience, with the exception that you can play without having the leave the comfort of your home. It is important to keep in mind that most casinos in our list require that players make a deposit before joining live tables and that they gamble using their actual money. There is no free version of these games.

However, this will simply make your adrenaline levels spike as each second passes. High rollers prefer live table games due to the fact that there are no simulated odds, and that dealers are able to understand the playing style of each individual.

Free games designed for casual gamblers

The online casinos in our list also offer gamblers the ability to play without having to put their hard-earned money on the line. Free games can be joined and played using a type of placeholder currency that has no real-world value. While this does also mean that players cannot win any money, it does offer casual gamblers a way to get a rush without actually taking any risks.

Free games are also great ways to learn the rules of new games without having to worry about the consequences of your decisions, and, more important, they are great tools for those who want to test out new playing and betting strategies.

Most casinos do not have any kind of limit on how often or how many free games you can play, however, they do restrict access to live tables. Players are only permitted to gamble, without using real money, at electronic table games.

Multi-platform casinos

All the online casinos that we have reviewed and included in our list offer primarily a website that players can use in order to gamble. They can be accessed from any kind of desktop computer or laptop, regardless of the operating system, and are available to anyone in the US.

However, players who do not have a lot of free time, or who do not like to gamble using a computer can also access all the games using the mobile apps offered by the online casinos. These pieces of software can be installed on both Android and IOS devices and enable players to access the casinos with greater ease.

Also, let’s not forget that online casino websites are extremely flashy and filled with graphical effects, and this can cause mobile devices to struggle when accessing them. Luckily, the apps run extremely smooth and load in an instant. Also, many of them have the ability to notify you whenever there is a new promotion or give you various ways to win bonuses such as free spins.

Greater security for online casinos

The US regulations that handle online gambling require that all casinos have specialized online security teams that ensure that all the personal and financial information of the players is always kept safe. It is also important to keep in mind that whatever information you link to your account can only be distributed to third parties with your consent and knowledge.

As far as the security of electronic games goes, the software developers are that write code for these virtual casinos are some of the best in the world. All the games are constantly monitored in order to ensure that neither players nor casinos can exploit them in order to change the odds in their favor. The random number generator algorithms are designed to ensure that the chances to win or lose are identical to those in a real-life casino game.

Choosing the best casino for you

While the casinos in our list are the best and most popular in the US, you may still have to decide which one you want to use on a regular basis. Here are a few tips that can help you make the best possible choice:

  • Look for the games that you like – All online casinos offer all the basic table games, however, you may get bored with these pretty fast. A good way to avoid boredom is to look for websites that have a large number of variations of the games that you play on a regular basis;
  • Choose the casinos that offer the best incentives for your playstyle – Each casino has a different policy when it comes to player incentives. Usually, new players receive a bonus when registering their account, and then the casino may offer to match deposits of specific amounts, to a degree. Look for the online casino that offers the type of incentives that fit your playstyle;
  • Banking options – Each online casino offers different banking options and it’s better to focus on the ones that suit you best. If you have an online business or use online banking services such as PayPal, you will find that most of the establishments in our list are compatible with them;
  • Visuals and design – Part of the online casino experience is being able to enjoy the graphics. Look for a casino that you like the look when playing on both the website as well as the mobile apps;


  1. Can US online casinos be accessed from any state?

It depends. The casinos in our list can be accessed from anywhere in the United States, however, there are virtual establishments that only offer their services to gamblers from particular states. As for international access, this depends on the casino, but also on the country that you want to access it from.

  1. Do online casinos have a gambling limit?

No, you can gamble as much as you want and send and win as much money as you want. There are no limits of any kind, other than the ones that you choose for yourself.

  1. Are live games fairer than live ones?

No. Electronic games use random number generator algorithms that ensure that every step of every game is randomized, essentially emulating the odds that can be found in real-world casinos.