There are quite a number of other countries which are in the same state as Ukraine in terms of gambling. Ten years ago, in 2009, legislation effectively banned all forms of gambling in the country- resulting in the close-down of several casinos as well as the prohibition and regulation of online betting sites. Much like every country in the list, however, millions of Ukrainian citizens still enjoy online gambling every day because of the lack of enforcement of these laws, and the sheer number of online casinos and games available for them in the internet.



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A small glimpse into Ukraine’s gambling scene

If we want to talk about the state of gambling law in Ukraine, the best time to jump into is 1991. This of course is the year that Ukraine finally gained independence from Russia- which, under the Putin regime, has cracked down heavily on all forms of gambling. Once Ukraine won its freedom, however, the country’s gambling industry started grow; rapidly at that.

The industry’s rapid growth may have been beneficial to best online live casinos operators and players, but the Ukrainian government felt that it was detrimental to the society as a whole. In 2003, the country’s gambling industry was thriving that the government established a law that legalized betting games such as horse races, bingo, slots, roulette, cards, and other table games. The caveat to this was these games had to be regularized by the government to ensure that illegal practices don’t occur and that too much gambling would seep into the community’s culture. Despite these new laws, there were still many illegal operations that ran throughout the country.

Ukraine’s gambling scene took a sharp turn in 2009- when a fire broke out in one slot hall inside a casino. This unfortunate incident lead to the tragic death of several people, and subsequently, the government shutdown of all gaming locations. Citing safety concerns, the government soon passed legislation which effectively banned all forms gambling businesses in Ukraine. In 2011, that law was amended to include the prohibition of internet gambling sites as well. This law is still practiced today, with only the state-run lottery being legal in the country.

What’s written in law isn’t exactly how things go, usually. In the case of Ukraine, individuals who engage in online gambling seldom get prosecuted. top online casinos proprietors, despite taking a hit by not being able to operate completely free within the country’s jurisdiction, have found loopholes in the law which allow them to operate online betting sites through servers outside of the country and cater to the Ukrainian audience. Such is the status quo of Ukraine’s gambling industry today.

The compromise: gambling in Ukraine despite the prohibitions As mentioned earlier, all forms of gambling (which includes online betting) are considered illegal in accordance with Ukraine’s laws. However, this does not mean that you’ll have no chance to scratch your gambling itches when you’re in the country. Because of poor enforcement and monitoring, players who engage in online gambling almost never get prosecuted. Many Ukrainian betting enthusiasts can opt to sign up for accounts in top-rated online casinos which are also available worldwide. From here they can play and wager on any games of their choosing. Choosing the right game may be a daunting task at first, but with more experience comes a better understanding of what you need in a game. In addition to this, these online casinos often offer valuable bonuses and promotions which make it easier for the newcomer to try out various games and strategies.

Accepted payment methods and additional support

If you’re living in Ukraine, you can easily access betting games and promotions via the internet. The best casinos offer some great bonuses and offers to make it worth your while when you sign up with them. In addition to this, their support for new and veteran players is quite good, meaning that you can keep wagering without having to worry about most of the small inconveniences.

A good example in terms of support is the language options major online casinos have. There are plenty of them that have native support for the Ukrainian or Russian languages. Another thing you can cross off your mind is payment and collection methods available for Ukrainian players. Much like the rest of the world, Ukrainian players also have a variety of banking options available to them such as PayPal, Skrill, or any other e-wallet services operating in that region. It’s truly easy to get into online betting if you’re in Ukraine.

The future of gambling in Ukraine

While the gambling industry of Ukraine is currently in some weird state of limbo right now with the laws banning all forms of gambling, players and business owners alike have high hopes moving forward. Just in 2018, Ukrainian lawmakers registered poker as recognized sport in their country. After this move, you have to start to think if the Ukrainian government is starting to become more accepting for the industry which is obviously attracting a lot of players in the market.