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Best Online Casinos In Italy 2019

Gambling has been one of the favorite past times of the Italians for several centuries. It dates back to the days of the Roman Empire and its practice spread to other parts of Europe. When it comes to gambling, the Italian government has a liberal stand, which means that there are no strict guidelines that apply to it. It is one of the first countries in Europe established a law that legalizes gambling. As a result, companies that offer sports betting in local outlets and on the internet were permitted to operate. This happened while the rest of Europe was keen on declaring gambling as illegal. Later, the Italian government allowed companies to include most reliable online casino sites games such as poker, slots, and other games of chance and skill. In 2011, local citizens can now choose from a wide array of casino games offered by different websites.

How to Find the Best Online Casinos 2019 in Italy

With the big number of online casinos operating in Italy, it is important for players to take caution in choosing one. Our website, aims to help gamers find the best online casino by hiring slot gurus and industry experts to evaluate and test online casinos for safety and security. Our people keep in close contact with casino operators and players to gather both positive and negative information. The online Live dealer casinos that pass our meticulous assessment are featured in our website. Players who want to find a trustworthy online casino can check our pages to see the list of the best online casinos in Italy for 2019.

Laws Governing Online Gambling in Italy

Gambling that is organized in public or private places and is open to the public is not allowed in Italy. Games of skill are legal while games of luck are regulated. Games of skill are those where a player must compete with another using his brains and skills. In online casinos, it is possible to play against someone remotely. Making bets on chess, blackjack, poker, and sports betting require more of strategy and a small amount of luck. Games of chance are those that do not require thinking such as roulette, baccarat, bingo, and lottery.

Land-based and online casinos in Italy must have a license to operate. Before a license is issued, there are requirements that the applicant must comply. Licenses are issued for a certain period of time and it must be renewed at the end of each period. Renewal may be approved or disapproved depending on the licensee’s compliance with the rules and regulations that the licensing body issues.

Licenses may be granted on a first come-first served basis. For example, the licensing body for gambling will announce the 120 slots for licensing. Any company may apply and may be granted a license if it is included in the first 120. Applicants beyond the cut-off number will not be given a license anymore. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Having a license applicable in Italy or Europe, and international which includes non-EU licenses with technical and infrastructural capabilities
  • Revenue of at least 1.5 million Euros in the last two years
  • Evidence of capability or guarantee
  • Entities must have no derogatory record and must observe employment laws and tax
  • Licensees must pay taxes to the Italian government
  • License for online gaming is for four years
  • Players below 18 years old must not be admitted
  • Land-based and online casinos are not allowed to advertise
  • Slots are allowed as long as the land-based or internet casino offers games of entertainment and games of skill
  • Internet casinos that violate the laws and regulations will have their websites blocked and they will face criminal and administrative cases

Advantages of Playing in Casinos with Italy Licenses

There are several advantages in playing in online casinos in Italy that have a license from the country. These are as follows:

Guaranteed safe, legitimate, and fun gaming experience

An online casino that is licensed in Italy must comply with the laws, regulations, and conditions set by the licensing body. This is why internet gaming houses are required to have a revenue of 1.5 million Euros in the past two years. This means that it has the financial capability of paying customers that win, especially in progressive jackpots that can come to huge amounts. This means that the gamers will be protected and they are guaranteed to redeem their winnings regardless of the amount.

Responsible gaming

Online casinos that have license set a limit to the amount that a player can lose in one day. One the loss-limit is reached, the player will not be allowed to place bets anymore. This protects players from losing huge amount of money in one day.

Some casinos would extend credit to a losing player to help him recover his losses but what usually happens is that he loses more and more. Players may also stop playing if he chooses to do so even if he is playing in a skill game such as poker. His opponents in the game cannot stop him from stopping even if he has been winning. In casinos that operate illegally, players can prevent a winning player to stop through threats.

Impressive gaming software

The regulatory body for gambling in Italy requires all land-based and online casinos to use excellent software to make sure that players will have seamless gaming experience. Gamers prefer an online casino that has a speedy cash-out and high-quality site. It must load games fast, offer a wide array of games. In addition, the software must allow customers to contact a member of a support team if they encounter problems while playing. Technology in the online casino industry is advancing very fast.

Nowadays, customers prefer to play games using their mobile devices while some would prefer playing with a live dealer. Having obsolete software is like cheating the players out of their money. Because of the regulations in Italy that require online casinos to have high-quality software, players are assured of a smooth and satisfying playtime.

Safe financial status

An internet casino that sought a license to operate in Italy is required to be financially healthy. This is to ensure that it will be able to pay out all the customers’ winnings, including the jackpot prize that can amount to millions.

Many online gambling houses that operate illegally would just disappear and customers cannot access them anymore. What is sad is that all the deposits and the winnings that the player has not redeemed yet vanish with the website.

Excellent development plan

The regulatory board for gambling in Italy requires all online casinos that apply for a license must present an excellent development plan. This is because the gambling industry is a fast-changing one and the online casinos must have a plan on how to handle the change. Some of them hire software developers whose function is maintaining and upgrading. They must ensure that players will experience seamless navigation. Payment methods, as well as the partner banks, must always be updated, choosing the best among the old and new providers.

Aside from the information that you can find at regarding the online casino where you want to play, here are some ways to verify the trustworthiness of an online casino where you want to register.

Read online casino reviews

Casino reviews are excellent sources of reliable information. Written by people that have used the website, you will get an idea of how the casino operates, the number of games offered, as well as the types of games.

In addition, you will learn about the bonuses and how you can use them, how to play for real money, how to wager or make bets, and how to deposit and withdraw money from your account in the online casino. Since reviews usually present both the positive and negative aspects of the online casino, you will be able to have an unbiased evaluation that will help you decide whether or not to register on the online casino.

Join gambling forums

By joining these forums, you can interact with other players and learn more about the existing online casinos, tips on how to win as well as how to make good use of the bonuses. You can also ask questions that only fellow gamblers will be able to answer.

Compare online casinos

Choosing just one online casino and sticking to it is fine but if you want to have an enhanced gambling experience and discover better playing and winning opportunities, checking other websites and comparing them especially in terms of minimum deposits, bonuses, terms, and conditions, depositing and withdrawing money. Some internet gambling houses have bigger bonuses and amazing promotions while others would offer less. Through this comparison, you will able to find the best internet gambling option.

In conclusion, online gambling is legal in Italy and licenses are granted to the applicants that meet all the requirements as stated by the law. This is an assurance that players using the services of an online casino with a license in Italy will always enjoy a safe and satisfying gaming experience.