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Ireland is one of the countries where gambling is legal. History would attest that the Irish love all kinds of betting and wagering – from horse to greyhound races to lottery, poker, bingo, and slots. There have been attempts to regulate the activity since the 18th century. However, in 1956, an act made casino gambling illegal, which means that playing in a casino is a violation of the law. However, the act did not have any provisions for private gambling and so, private gambling clubs were organized. The club functions like a casino as members may convene here and gamble as much as they want. With the rise of the internet gaming industry, Ireland realized the importance and online gambling is legal in this country, both offline and online gambling. With hundreds of internet-based gambling websites vying to attract customers, there is a need to make wise decisions and judgment when choosing an online casino for your gambling needs. If you want to find the safest and the best online casinos operating in Ireland, hire experts to test and analyze each online casino that they recommend to the players.

The online casinos that are listed at the are proven to be user-friendly with smooth navigation, fascinating and fair games, fast and easy deposit and withdrawal procedure, and provide the most attractive bonuses and promotions. Among the things that our industry experts considered in recommending an internet gambling house are the following:

  • Kind and number of games - Not all online casino players have the same preference. Some may like to play card games while others might prefer the slot machine. Some prefers variety and so they want an online casino to have numerous games. We have shortlisted online casinos that offer numerous games of all kind. Players do not need to switch to another website from time to time because he can find everything that he needs in one website.
  • Easy navigation - The online casinos that we recommended here are easy to navigate. You can switch from one website to another quickly while it only takes a few seconds to open or download a game and start playing. In most online gambling games. Smooth navigation enhances one’s gaming experience.
  • Secure and fast transactions - Our industry experts read reviews and feedback to discover the strengths and weaknesses of an online casino in Ireland so that we can make the best recommendation. Based on our observation, depositing money is always faster than making a withdrawal to redeem your winnings. Such delay could be frustrating especially when you have been waiting for a long time to win and see a balance in your account. Filling up several forms and waiting for several business days before you can take hold of your money seems unfair. To help you, we will only recommend gambling sites that have the most convenient method of withdrawing money.
  • Bonuses and promotions - While most bonuses cannot be used to play for real money, new players appreciate the fact that they can learn how to play a game for free. The more bonuses, free spins, and promotions, the more chances for an online booming casino player to master the craft and win.
  • Graphics - Most slot players prefer games with attractive and colorful design because it enhances the player’s gaming experience. Some slot machines have themes and they are shown through the graphic design.

Latest Laws and Regulations on Online Casino Gaming in Ireland

The laws that regulate online casino gambling in Ireland have been considered obsolete and many stakeholders clamor for change through the Gambling Control Bill, which is still being studied and modified by the government. Many of the reforms are still on the proposal stage as they are still to be approved and implemented. The following are the changes that gamblers can expect after the bill is passed.

There is a move to review the legislation regarding gambling in Ireland. Basically, gambling activities are divided into two. These are lottery and gaming as well as betting. Gaming that is part of public events such as circuses, travel shows, and carnivals could not be considered as illegal. There are also exemptions based on the purpose and the way the operation is done.

  • A new body to regulate gambling - Those who seek reform foresee the formation of an independent body to regulate gambling. It will be named the Office of the Gambling Control of Ireland. Reforms in all procedures that affect gambling will be implemented.
  • New licensing procedure. Apparently, the licensing of online casinos is still weak. It will be best to have one license for land-based gambling operation and a separate one for online casinos. Pool betting will also be required to have a license to operate.
  • Player protection law - For so many years, the gambling industry in Ireland has never considered the safety of the players. Under the new bill, gambling operators will be required to report players with questionable betting patterns. Gambling houses used to give credits to gamblers, resulting in financial disaster on the part of the player. The new bill will prevent operators to do this in order to keep players from getting into heavy debts that could not afford to pay.
  • Reforms on gambling and lotteries - Some localities hold lotteries and bingo games, which can be considered as gambling, in order to raise funds. If a local government or organizations need to raise funds through these activities, the people concerned can apply for a special license.

The legalization of online casinos has brought some benefits.

Players do not have to commute to a land-based casino

One advantage of playing in an online casino is being able to play at home or anywhere you are. With most online casinos offering mobile games, one can even play while away from their home. Some people would pass the time playing online casino games while waiting for an appointment, a meeting, or for a flight.

Players can manage their time despite playing

A person staying at home to play can still do other tasks. One can take a break to clean, wash dishes, cook, and even do the laundry. One cannot do these things when he is in a casino. If he wants to take a short break from playing, he would be spending his time sitting and waiting.

Players will not miss their meals

Although most land-based casinos serve food, the price is very high. Many gamblers get sick because they miss several meals in a day while playing. Gambling at home would mean one can prepare some snacks and enjoy it while playing. He can also eat regular meals because he can easily prepare them while playing.

Gamblers can take a rest anytime

One advantage of playing in online casinos is that one can take a rest in comfort. He can lie down and take a short nap or stretch his legs from time to time. He does not have to remain seated for long hours.

Online casinos have free games

One can use his bonuses to play free games if he wants to have fun without making bets. If one’s purpose is just to do something to get rid of boredom, playing free games is the best option.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Do foreign internet gambling houses allow Irish players?

Most internet gambling houses welcome the Irish to play in their website. All they need to do is to register, make a deposit, and start playing.

  1. Are online casinos legal in Ireland?

In the past, online casinos were considered illegal. However, recent reforms on the Gambling Act in Ireland now declare internet gambling houses as legal.

  1. Where can a player find a legal online casino?

There are hundreds of online casinos that welcome Irish players. However, finding a safe, trustworthy, and fair internet gambling house can be difficult. Reading reviews of some online casinos can help. One may visit for useful information. This website sends experts to test and check online casinos. Based on the information gathered, some websites are featured and recommended to online casino players.

  1. Is it possible to play for free?

Online casinos allow you to play for free. In slots, there are free spins that you can use. You will not win real money but you will learn how to play the game.

  1. Is the money won tax-free?

In some countries, winnings from an online casino are tax-free while in others, the amount is counted as income and so, taxes must be paid. In Ireland, it was proposed that bookmakers must pay taxes. However, this proposal was not yet finalized.

In conclusion, online casino gaming is now allowed in Ireland. There are hundreds of foreign internet gambling houses that you can find online. However, if you want to play for real money, you must check the online casino website in terms of game types, navigation, making a deposit and redeeming winnings.

Know the rules regarding bonuses and promotions when you register to a certain website.