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Online Casinos in Austria

Austria is one of the most prosperous countries in the world, and the large number of online casinos that can be found operating within its borders is a testament to that. Austrian online casinos are required to obey very strict governmental rules and the fact that only licensed casinos can legally operate ensures that each establishment is subjected to numerous verifications over the course of a year.

Our review teams have compiled a list of the most popular Austrian casinos, judging them in relation to the number of games that they offer, the variations for each traditional casino game, the number of banking options that players have, and the speed with which they process cashouts.

We are constantly looking at how popular certain online casinos are and if they truly deserve their reputation, when making our reviews, and we only choose the ones that deliver quality services and great winning chances. Furthermore, our teams always verify that a casino is licensed by the Austrian government before including it in our list, in order to ensure that players are always treated fairly.

Beautiful visuals hand-drawn by professionals

Half the entertainment that can be experienced in an online casino comes from the visual identity of the website and of the games. The Austrian casinos that we have handpicked for you feature crisp graphics and great particle effects that look great on any screen. Every real money slot machines online features unique designs and every time you win you will be rewarded accordingly.

Furthermore, each variation of classic games such as Blackjack and Poker has a unique look that will make you feel like you’re playing a whole new game. This also applies to the mobile apps of our chosen online casinos which take full advantage of the advanced processing capabilities of the current generation of smartphones and tablets.

Guaranteed information privacy and financial security

Our legal specialists have looked at the licenses of all the online casinos that we have included in our list in order to ensure that all governmental rules and regulations are followed to the letter. Once you create an account on one of these live casino game providers websites, the Austrian gambling and online privacy laws demand that the establishments keep all your information as securely possible.

Your credit card numbers and bank accounts will not be shared with third party companies, and other personal information will only be disclosed only with your notification and approval. This ensures that only you will know what online casinos you are using and only you will have access to the financial details associated with your accounts, such as the value of deposits and withdrawals.

Live table games that emulate real-world casino odds

Electronic games are powered by complex random number generator algorithms that simulate the winning and losing chances found in real-world casinos, however, they are not played using real decks of cards, real roulettes, or a real dealer.

On the other hand, live table games have all of the above. Gamblers take a seat at a live table and play games that are handled by a real person. They essentially take out the digital component out of gambling and reintroduce the human element. Dealers are able to understand each gambler’s playing style and adapt accordingly.

This having been said, it is important to keep in mind that live table games can take slightly longer than electronic ones, due to the fact that they use real cards and roulette wheels. Furthermore, all online casinos in our list offer a limited number of seats at these tables, so it’s better to find one as soon as possible or you may have to wait until another player withdraws from the game.

Fast and reliable electronic games

Our technical specialists have analyzed the games offered by our ranked casinos in order to ensure that the random number generator algorithms are fair to everyone and that players cannot exploit them in order to cheat others or the house.

The electronic games offered by the casinos load fast and never crash, so you do not have to worry that a game of Blackjack or Poker will end unexpectedly right when you are close to winning a large amount of money.

However, in the case that anything ever happens, either due to your internet connection or as a result of any kind of internal error of the online casino, the websites have several teams that are ready to help you. The casinos that we’ve chosen have great customer support teams that are available 24/7 and can handle a wide range of issues, from fixing compatibility issues for the Windows, IOS, or Android software, to diagnosing any trouble that you may encounter while paying any of the games.

A large selection of adrenaline-filled games

We have specifically looked for online casinos that offer a large selection of games, in order to ensure that you will not have to play in multiple casinos at once unless you want to. Each of them offers all the regular table card games that gamblers everywhere know and love, so you will be able to have a lot of fun, regardless if you prefer Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, or anything in between.

Furthermore, those who get bored fast will enjoy the fact that the casinos also offer a large number of variations for each of the games. Each of these has slightly different rules and vastly different graphics, so it may often feel like you are playing an entirely new game. Please keep in mind that all of these are based on games that can be found in real-world casinos, and all the rules for them are both known internationally and approved by the Austrian governmental gambling officials.

Why are Austrian Online Casinos the best?

Austrian online casinos are some of the best developed in the world, both on a technical level, as well as in terms of what games they offer. The authorities are extremely hands-on when it comes to making sure that all the games are fair and that the owners always give gamblers the money that they are owed.

The gambling license itself implies that a large number of laws are obeyed and that government officials inspect every line of code and every bank account of an online casino. This not only makes it safe for you to use, but also ensures that the websites have a high degree of cyber security so nobody can access your personal information such as bank accounts, address, or your gambling statistics. Licensed Austrian online casinos are some of the safest in the world. In terms of user experience, Austrian casinos are very well optimized and have an intuitive layout that enables users to quickly choose a game and start playing. While they are rich in graphical elements, they load fast on both computers, as well as mobile devices, and will work great even on older equipment.

Furthermore, while Austria is not known for having the fastest internet in Europe, the online casinos that we have selected have apps designed to work even on weaker mobile internet connections and to load fast at any hour.

Transactions in under 24 hours

Our teams have only selected casinos that process transactions in under 24-hours. This means that you will be able to withdraw the money that you win, and the casino will pay it in full, and make sure that it gets to your bank account in under a day.

This will enable you to better make use of your earnings, regardless of bank or area of the country that you live in. This having been said, please keep in mind that banks will still work slower, if at all, during all legal holidays such as Easter and Christmas.


1. Can you win more at live tables or by playing electronic table games?

Your chances to win or lose money are basically the same, regardless of how you choose to gamble in an online casino. While live table games are closer to the real deal, the electronic ones use random number generators that basically mix things up so well that no patterns can exist. In other words, the algorithms perfectly simulate the randomness found in real-world casinos.

This having been said, keep in mind that gamblers tend to bet larger amounts of money when playing at live tables, so if you want higher stakes, these are a good choice.

Unfortunately, this can also mean that you will lose money just as fast as you win it if you are not careful.

2. Can I play from outside of Austria?

It depends. Most casinos in our list allow players from all over the world to create accounts and gamble, however, not all countries do the same thing. There are countries that block access to online casinos from other areas, so you will have to find out if the one in which you reside has any kind of policy regarding this issue.

3. Can you earn bonuses by playing for free?

No. Incentives and bonuses are usually only given when making a deposit or using real money in order to gamble. Free games do not use real-world currency, so you will receive nothing when playing because you will lose nothing.