Countries and their Online Casinos: Most Famous Online Gambling Capitals

Countries offering online casinos are probably a dime a dozen. With the increasing growth and popularity of online casinos, many countries are stepping up their game to get a bigger share of the market. Find out which countries are famous for their online casinos.

Countries Online Casinos Overview

The iGaming industry has definitely taken the world by storm – although not so long ago, online casinos were usually frowned upon. Many countries used to forbid the idea of gambling, much so, the thought of allowing online casinos to offer its services to willing customers. Now that legislation has eased up and become more flexible, the online gambling industry is definitely booming. We’re here to discuss the world’s most famous online gambling capitals and what you should know about gambling online from your country.

Countries Leading the Online Casino Industry

There’s no stopping the growth of online casinos. The online gambling industry is an ever-evolving and dynamic industry as evident in the number of new casinos popping up online casino front. The convenience offered by online casinos is unparalleled as seen in the increase of online casinos worldwide. There are many countries offering online casinos, but which countries are leading the race?

United States of America

The USA is known for its stringent laws when it comes to online gambling. It was only in 2013 when the country relaxed its legislation, paving the way for US citizens to finally enjoy homegrown online gambling sites. Americans love gambling which is why Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations for both foreign and local visitors. Internet-based casinos in the US are growing rapidly, encouraging developers to create unique and more exciting gaming platforms. Statistics show that the USA is number one when it comes to country net spend in the online gambling market and Americans rank fifth in gambling spend across the globe.

United Kingdom

The UK has always been one of the best spenders in online gambling – according to reports, the UK gambling market earned $18 billion in 2018. UK casinos are one of the best when it comes to a variety of game titles and lucrative bonus offers which is only appropriate given the appetite of British people when it comes to gambling online and offline.


Australia is a country of passionate gamblers. The country has always been ready for the iGaming revolution. According to a 2017 study, gambling revenues continuously rise over the years. It is also reported that Australian players are more adventurous when it comes to gambling which clearly reflects the country’s above-average disposable income per person.


There is a steady rise of Canadian Internet-based casinos which reflect the country’s demand for more legitimate live dealer casino games in online gambling sites. Statistics show that three out of four citizens in Canada have experienced gambling online. This is not surprising at all since some of the biggest brands of online casinos in the world are licensed in Canada.


There is a steady growth in the number of online casino players in Singapore. The Singaporean government even published a study which states that about 52% of its legal-aged residents have experienced gambling online, an increase of 8% from a similar study done in 2014. The growing popularity of online casinos in Singapore is in line with the country’s above-average per person spending capacity.

The growth of the iGaming industry is one of the fastest in comparison to other industries in the world. More flexible regulations relevant to the online casino industry is one of the reasons behind this growth, giving developers more reason to provide better options and experiences to gamblers across the world.

Countries that Allow Online Gambling

Online gambling has become a popular pastime which paved the way for different countries to allow licensed online casinos to operate legally. Below are the countries where online casinos are legal to play at:

European countries: Many countries in Europe allow online gambling sites to operate including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Netherland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, and Switzerland.

Australia and New Zealand: Australia is open to online gambling sites, both local and foreign-owned. In New Zealand, however, only the gambling sites that are regulated and based in the country are allowed to operate.

Asia: Online casinos are legal in Kazakhstan, Japan and the Philippines, while China, Macau, Singapore, and Thailand allow online gambling to some degree. In India, there are only two states that allow online gambling, Goa and Sikkim. Bangladesh, Indonesia, Taiwan and the UAE, on the other hand, do not allow online gambling in any form.

African countries: Most African countries strictly ban online gambling except for Kenya, Mauritius, and South Africa. Some African countries like Morocco, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, and Algeria permit online gambling to a limited extent, such as simple online casino games and sports betting.

The Americas: Online gambling is very popular in North America, particularly the US, which accounts for about 70% of the worldwide player base. There are some regions in Canada where online gambling is not allowed. The rest of North America is pretty much open to online gambling. In the Caribbean and Central America, countries like Costa Rica, El Salvador, the Honduras, and Trinidad and Tobago are open to online gambling. Mexico partly allows online gambling while it is totally banned in Cuba. In South America, it is totally illegal to gamble whether online or offline. While Uruguay, Chil, and Brazil allow virtual gambling to some extent, countries in South America like Peru, Panama, and Argentina have allowed online gambling sites to legally operate.

Before signing up to any online gambling site, it is important to make sure that gambling is allowed from your location. You should remember to verify if online gambling is legal in your country as laws and legislation may change indefinitely.

Countries Online Casinos Conclusion

Statistics show that the online gambling industry is growing and thriving. Online casinos are getting better and better as modern technology continues to change the way we gamble online. Although laws and regulations may change from time to time, it is clear to see that the development of the online casino industry is truly unstoppable.

Major world economies have allowed online gambling and it won’t be long before other countries will follow suit. There are numerous gambling sites to choose from, no matter where you are in the world. If you are looking to play casinos online from your country, you will be spoilt with choice since online casino operators literally open a world of exciting options for passionate gamblers like you!