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Catena upgraded listing

Nasdaq Stockholm’s listing committee has approved Catena Media plc improved listed to Nasdaq Stockholm‘s main market. Trading on Nasdaq Stockholm mid tier is expected to commence on Monday 4th September 2017. The shares will be traded in the Mid Cap segment under the same (CTM) ticker and with the same ISIN code (MT0001000109). No new shares will be issued in relation to the listing.

“Another big milestone in our company’s history”, said Robert Andersson, CEO of Catena Media.”

CATENA MEDIA PLC EO-,0015 currently has a total number of floated shares and on average sees shares exchange hands each day. The stock currently has a 52-week low of 0 and high of 6.77. Behind its success is a rich trade and commerce industry, particularly a thriving equity market. A Powerful Trade Index The Deutsche Aktien Xchange (DAX) 30 is the benchmark index in the country.

Powered by the growth (and scalable) of its gambling affiliate networks, Stockholm-listed Catena Media has detailed a strong H1 2017 performance (period ending 30 June) pushed through its recent acquisitions. Updating investors, Catena would record total H1 2017 group revenues of €30 million, representing an increase 78% on corresponding 2016’s €17 million. Pleased by ongoing developments, Catena Media CEO Robert Andersson detailed to investors that his firm would be speeding up product launches in the coming quarters, and would boost marketing and acquisition initiatives as the company entered a ‘very exciting second half of the year’.

Robert Andersson CEO of Catena Media commented on H1 2017 “Catena Media continued its strong development in the second quarter of 2017. Through our scalable business model, we managed to gain revenues that amounted to EUR 15.10 million, corresponding to a year-on-year revenue-growth of 58 percent.