iTech Labs

Who are iTech Labs?

iTech Labs is an independent company based in Melbourne, Australia. They mainly focus on game testing to make sure that the games casinos offer comply with the standards required -mainly that the games are fair, reliable and resilient. Once the games have been tested the casino will get a certificate which will be shown to the customers by a logo placed on the website which is linked to the certificate.

What do iTech Labs do?

The main areas for testing are the following:

  • Make sure that that cards, reel numbers, dice, balls etc. are random and fair.
  • Game rules evaluation to verify that gameplay follows to the game rules.
  • Calculation of Return to Player (RTP) for every game (appropriate for single player games)
  • Test the games functionality – that the games work as intended, controlled testing of games, verification of game logs, testing of game interruptions etc.
  • Tournaments testing – Single player and Multiplayer
  • Evaluation of collusion detection and prevention mechanisms (applicable for multiplayer games ggp slots such as Multiplayer Poker)
  • Verification of system reports – performance reports for games, player reports, payment reports

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From a player point of view, being aware that the casino they play at has a certificate from iTech Labs, will improve the players experience since they know that the games they are playing have been tested to very high standards, and that the games are fair, giving you as a player a fair chance of winning in the games, and that the games are statistically random and unpredictable. This reduces complaints regarding the games which is a benefit for both players and the casino itself.