Gaming Labs Certified (GLI)


GLI, formerly known as Technical System Testing (TST) is one of the biggest independent gaming testing and certification company and was established in 1989. They have tested more than 1,757,470 items and provided their professional help to more than 475 jurisdictions worldwide. GLI has been operating for more than 25 years and are a well-renowned game testing company in the online gaming market. The provide game testing, certification and other services to the gaming industry and at the moment they have 475 clients which includes operators, software suppliers, gaming regulators and jurisdictions all over the world.

Purpose of GLI

Their purpose is to test games software and machines online for the fairness. To control the the games are fair GLI checks the Random Number Generator (RNG), making sure that it is not possible to manipulate it.

The controls are being done in a lab where the games are being tested for their fairness. Since the RTN is a programming feature, the game will be sent back to the developer if the control results show that the game is not fair and safe to play in the fair casino. The RTN feature must then be reprogrammed and tested again. Once it has been tested and approved, it can be classified as fair and safe and retested randomly in the future, to make sure that the game keeps its approved standard.

With many experienced and highly trained people working for them, they keep a very high standard, giving players a top assurance when trying out their luck in games at online casinos.

Other GLI services

Apart from game testing they also offer the following services to their clients:

  • Consultation
  • Auditing
  • Field inspections
  • Security audits
  • Responsible gaming
  • Project management; Risk and compliance incl. World Lottery Association Security Control Standards (WLASCS) and ISO 27001 Information Security audit and certification.

More Information

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Next time you visit a live casino on board website, keep an eye open for the GLC certificate which is shown as a logo on the website. This logo will give you an assurance that you are playing games which are safe and fair.