Casino Certification and its Role in Safe Gambling

Casino certifications are very important when looking for a legitimate and trustworthy online casino. Find out why certifications are extremely necessary when choosing an online gambling site.

Casino Certification Overview

To say that the iGaming industry is growing is an understatement. The online gambling industry, powered by technology, allows almost anyone to participate in it. New online casinos can suddenly appear without any warning – anyone with knowledge of building a site can make a bogus virtual gambling site. Although there are plenty of reputable and trustworthy online gambling sites out there, there are still some sites that present themselves as legit even if they are not licensed and certified. Truth be told because the iGaming industry is a dynamic environment, it will be difficult for gambling authorities to filter out rogue and blacklisted casinos. Online casino players should be very vigilant in choosing the online casino they will register and play at.

Casino Certification Importance

When an online casino utilizes software that is certified by a trusted company, gamble casino online live can be assured that the site is credible and safe. Integrity is very important when dealing with an online gambling site, especially where payments and gaming processes are involved.

By using software that is certified and regularly audited, the online casino operator reassures players and potential members that they are operating a site that is safe and fair. As an online casino player, you want to be confident that you can transfer and withdraw money without any risks.

This is not to say those rogue casinos will not try to advertise that their sites are licensed and certified, thus it is pertinent to always review and double-check first before signing up at any online casino. Online casino watchdogs are on the lookout for rogue virtual gambling sites and their role is to expose and eliminate gambling sites that do not adhere to licensing and certification regulations.

Before we go to the advantages of certified casinos, we will first discuss the different types of casino certifications that exist in the iGaming industry.

  1. Licensing: There are different jurisdictions around the world that provides licenses to online casinos. Different regions have different rules and regulations. An online casino operator, for example, can choose to obtain their license in Malta. It is important to remember that even rogue casinos will obtain a license from a gambling authority.
  2. Regulatory Bodies: Security companies audit gambling sites for illegal activities to protect gamblers from criminal and unlawful undertakings.3.      Software certification: Certification is performed by software auditing companies to check if the gambling site’s software is truly fair and random. In the course of the evaluation, the online casino has the chance to rectify any discrepancies if weaknesses or glitches are discovered.

Whether you are new to online gambling or a seasoned casino player, you surely don’t want to be deceived or ripped off your hard-earned money. If you gamble at a casino that is not certified by a reputable software testing company, you may become a victim of a rogue or blacklisted casino. A casino that does not follow the standards and regulations of gambling authorities and certification companies should not be trusted. Here are the common issues that you will encounter when gambling at a casino that is not licensed or certified:

  • Non-payment or slow payment: The online casino may not release your money or make it difficult for the player to receive their money.
  • Confiscation of winnings: Winnings are not paid out because the casino will claim that the player committed a violation even if there was none.
  • Bogus certification or licensing claims: The casino pretends to be licensed by a reputable gambling authority or certified by a trusted software auditing company. Even blacklisted or rogue casinos will present themselves as certified or licensed, thus you should first verify the information with an online casino watchdog first before believing such claims.
  • Cannot be contacted: When you stumble upon a problem or encounter an issue that needs to be resolved, you have difficulty reaching out to them. Even if you do manage to communicate with their customer service team, they will refuse to help you with your concern.
  • Hidden terms and conditions: Illegal casinos will have hidden terms and conditions that suddenly come up when you are trying to resolve a dispute with the casino. These hidden rules, of course, will benefit the online casino and not the player.
  • Unwanted emails and calls: Some rogue sites simply collect personal information and sell or share it to a third party affiliate. Even if they don’t turn over your personal data to other companies, they will bombard you will useless and deceiving email or calls.
  • Questionable software: Rogue casino sites operate to get your hard-earned money by not using a random number generator for their games. In this case, you will have fewer chances of winning – maybe even zero.

Casino Certification Advantages

Casino certification presents different advantages to the player and the online casino operator. A certified casino will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Positive brand reputation
  • Operate legally in different markets
  • Attract more players
  • Shows credibility and security
  • Several certifications help in reducing the number of verifications in the future

Certified casinos are the best option for serious casino players like you. By choosing to play at a certified online casino, you can be reassured of the following:

  • Licensed and authorized to operate
  • Random software ensures 100% fair gaming
  • Excellent customer service
  • Timely payouts
  • Safe and secure gaming
  • Problems are resolved in a timely manner

Casino Certification Companies

Online casinos who operate legally and responsibly know the importance of software certification. The following companies are some of the most reputable software auditing firms for online casinos.

  • eCOGRA: Established in 2003, eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance or eCOGRA is an independent testing company based in the UK that audits online casino games. eCOGRA provides certifications for virtual gambling sites offering slots, poker, sweepstakes, and other forms of online gambling.
  • GLI: Gaming Laboratories International or GLI has been operating for more than 25 years and is one of the most reputable companies that perform certification and testing for online gambling sites and even land-based casinos. International and local jurisdictions rely on GLI to perform checks on the software of online casinos around the world. GLI has been around since 1993 and has offices in different locations in Macau, Manila, London, and Vancouver.
  • iTech Labs: The company has been providing certifications for over a decade. It provides consultations and certifications for the largest and most well-known brands of online casinos. iTech Labs checks the RTP and RNG of online casinos, but it also evaluates and certifies sports betting software and poker machines.
  • NMi: National Measurement Institute or NMi has been in business since the 1970s but only started evaluating and certifying online casino software in 2007. It holds offices in different locations around the world such as Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, and the US. Online casinos and gambling regulators trust NMi with casino software evaluation and certification. NMi is currently testing both land-based and online casino software on a global scale.
  • BMM Testlabs: Established in 1981, BMM Testlabs is one of the most respected software testing companies in the world. As one of pioneer independent software testing labs in the iGaming industry, BMM Testlabs has offices in over a dozen countries. The company also offers consultation services to online casinos to help them comply with iGaming rules and regulations.

Casino Certification Conclusion

Playing at an online casino is an entertaining pastime – but only if you are gambling at a 100% certified casino. Certified casinos help guarantee that the transactions made within the casino are secure, safe and fair. When looking for a reputable online casino to play at, look for the kind of certification and license that they have obtained. The certification should come from a reputable and trusted software auditing and testing company that ensures all online casinos gambling site’s system and servers are random and fair. In order to fully enjoy your online gambling experience, make sure you are choosing an online casino that has been tested and verified by a reputable software auditing firm.