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Cascading Reels

If you want, you can call this feature Falling Reels and Rolling Reel since it goes by these names also.  This is a quite new feature and you can find it in slot at many online casinos. The cascading reel feature makes the slot game a bit more exciting to play and gives the player a totally new gaming experience.

The cascading reel feature is a slot feature which can make you win a lot of times after each other. If you spin the reels and this spin results in a winning combination, then that is great. What is even more great is that the symbols which has given you a winning combination will explode and be removed from the reels and from the sky new symbols falls down and replace the positions of these removed symbols, which gives you another chance of getting a winning combination. If you get another winnings combination, then the symbols keep on falling down until there is no winning combination any longer.

This feature basically gives you higher chances of winning without even having to pay for every spin you make, since you are given new chances of a winning combination every time new symbols falls in the empty positions, and a feature like that is always welcomed among players.