Blacklisted Casinos

There is an increase in scams and threats on the internet, a rise in cybercrime activities and the cybercriminals are more creative and smarter. No one likes being ripped off or being exposed to fraudulent activities, such as counterfeit products or ATM fraud. The biggest threat is online scams as it is quite easy to fall victim to these and basically no one is safe. As technology improves and finds new ways to protect individuals online so does criminals and their scams.

We all learn how to protect ourselves in the best way and how to not fall victim to scams. It is a great feeling when you finally find an online casino website that is worth your trust. But unfortunately, there are also casinos that are not trustworthy as Online Casino Reviews. Which is the main reason why we will guide you towards the safest, most reliable and only licensed online casinos.


Every player deserves a fair chance of winning, regardless of the size of bet they place. Legal casinos embrace this philosophy and offer members great services, trustworthy banking options and bonuses subject to reasonable wagering. There are more than just a few blacklisted sites waiting to cheat unsuspecting casino game players out of their hard-earned cash.

Blacklisted casinos are guilty of either refusing to pay players their winnings or some simply pays it out in small instalments. Even worse than not receiving your winnings are the blacklisted casinos that provide players with malware invested software. Your data is compromised, and identity theft is quite possible. Back in 2014, there was a case of an unusual hacking site. It involved spamming and duping search engines that directed players to rogue sites and Live dealer casino websites.

Blacklisted site lists need constant updating, the only way these can be identified is when members complain. Once a few complaints are voiced the casino’s reputation is affected. Reputable licensing agencies immediately step in when members complain, due to the severity of the complaints, casinos lose their licenses. Although some licensing agencies do not get involved and the casino is left to remain in business to prey on the ignorance of players.

Blacklisted Casinos

The severity of rogue or blacklisted casinos differ, some of the casinos to avoid at all costs, Players Only Casino launched in 1996. Luckily it was closed down no longer allowed to accept players. Customer services were poor and payments extremely slow. Other operators Like Pink Lady Casino provided downloadable software containing viruses or malware which saw player information compromised and even a few incidences of identity theft.

Pure Vegas Casino recently added a brand-new mobile platform despite the fact that it is still played by serious problems. There are many reports of players waiting months to be paid with some being paid off via tiny instalments. It shows that the operator has severe financial problems and many players are not paid at all.

Grand Reef Casino offers online games only and while games reward winning, withdrawing those are as challenging as it gets. Many players have reported that payouts take months, while some never got their money. Pure Vegas Casino launched a mobile platform quite recently, although it changed nothing when it comes to its long history of problems. Players complained about getting their winning via small instalments, which immediately indicates financial problems, other players did not get paid at all.

The US Government investigated the parent company of Island Casino for money laundering, still, many players continued playing. Another site that failed to pay out winnings is 21 Nova Casino as it had a history of double-crossing its business partners and further saw complaints relating to frequent scams. A casino caught in posting fake certificates and a fake licensed on its homepage is Lucky Ace Casino. According to reports, this operator has amended its ways, yet once you lose players trust, it can’t be restored. Wild Jack Casino offers a great gaming selection, what is not great is the painful slot payouts. That has led to accusations towards not being fair to marketing partners. As an unlicensed site, 99 Slot Machines is one that preys on players that are simply uninformed or ignorant of licensing regulations and without licensing, there is not any licencing authority to complain to.

The terms and conditions page are extremely important, which is the main reason we constantly remind our readers to familiarise themselves with the content. Rushmore Casino added in a payment cap of $2,000, contrarily to its name the casino sees no reason to rush in paying winners.

Avoid Blacklisted Casino

If you are currently playing at an online casino that is listed above or even has regular slow payout reports. Withdraw your funds immediately, and the minute you do receive your cash, close your account as soon as possible. If you have a sizable bankroll at the casino, you will need to remain calm and wait until you get your money.

The only way to warn others is by complaining voicing your frustrations and that way you can warn others to stay away. Unfortunately, most players simply close their accounts and move on. The best way to prevent others from a bad experience is by posting the details online. Social media has millions of members, and once a complaint is raised regarding an operator, it can hugely damage its reputation. If you are playing at a regulated and licensed casino, you have at least the licensing agency to contact, which will handle the dispute and look into the operator.

Main Reasons Online Casinos are Blacklisted

  • Unfair Games Selection

At a reputable operator, all software is regularly checked and certified as RNG-fair. A blacklisted casino might use games that are not fair towards the player. That will impact payouts and fairness relating to true random results, and ultimately, put player deposits at risk.

  • Slow or Non-Payments

Online casinos can find many reasons why they should not pay the member. There are many legitimate reasons such as abuse, cheating or not fulfilling the bonus terms & conditions. Again, this is why it is vital to familiarise yourself with the rules. Rogue casinos also use some other excuses or simply find reasons to stall payouts. Not only players suffer but also marketing partners, which includes affiliates. If the casino is not promoted, it is a sure indication that there could be problems.

  • Unreasonable Terms

The terms and conditions remain in focus and are easy to spot when unreasonable. Online casinos that require wagering of 50x or even 100x the bonus and sometimes even the deposit should be avoided. The bonus amounts at these casinos are huge, which is why players are tempted to join, yet the terms make it impossible to win. There are several tactics, shady as hell that tempts players and those who neglect to read the T&C are likely to fall victim to the trap. These offers lock unexpecting players into a trap, one that forces them to play in order to cash out their wins. Unfortunately, with such requirements you are bound to play until you lose all, it is unlikely that you’d have anything to cash out.

  • Changing Terms & Conditions

There are also the operators that stipulate that the terms and conditions can change. The sneakiest of rogue casinos do change the terms. This leads to disputes since the terms are changed to suit them and support their non-payment.


Q: Can I identify a Blacklisted Casino via its bonus offers?

A: If an online casino offers massive bonuses, simply unheard of or even too good to be true, chances are that there is a catch. Welcome or other bonuses that are worth $5,000 or even $10,000 is a sign that there is a reason to avoid this casino. The easiest way to find out what it is all about is to read the T&C. The wagering requirements, in most cases, would be on both the bonus and the deposit and reach close to 100x. Terms of this nature are considered predatory and should always be avoided as they are designed to prevent you from meeting the wagering requirements.

Q: Are their ways to check which casinos to avoid?

A: Casinos promoted by marketing/affiliate sites are a safe bet, although there are ways you can investigate these yourself. The first action should be to visit the casino site and check for a link to their license, followed by checking its testing agency and the report of when last the casino was audited. Reading the T&C can be quite the task, but it is important to know the conditions of use and the terms of bonuses. You have to scrutinise every detail before investing your time and money. There are also watchdog sites, read posts and comments from other players.

Q: Can blacklisted casinos get off the list?

A: With a huge change in their ways and putting everything into the effort to win player’s trust, it would be possible for operators to be removed off the blacklist. It would take quite a long time period, and most will never win back the trust of players. If any online casinos have recuperated from being blacklisted, we do not have knowledge of them, although nothing is impossible, should casinos decide to mend their shady ways.

Q:  Are most online casinos bad?

A: There are more reputable and trustworthy online operators than blacklisted ones. Online casinos are fun and a great way to enjoy the best entertainment in the comfort of your home. Keep to the checklist that includes licensing, security and ensure reasonable terms and conditions are in place. Also, make sure to and check the software providers and in doing so, you’re on your way to a great experience. Do a bit of background checking, see if there are any outstanding complaints worth considering and if it all seems in order, the casino is worth a try.

Q:  Is a casino part of a complaint ridden group all as bad as each other?

A: Not always but it depends on the group, if you are talking about the Curgam Group then the answer is yes, avoid all casinos that are a part of it. Players have complained repeatedly about spam emails. Their requests are simply ignored and payouts are refused. The Futurebet Group of casinos is known for never paying their licensees, affiliates or even members, which indicates that all casinos part of this group should be avoided.