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June 9, 2015





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Everything to Know About Bally’s Fireball Slots Machine

Playing slot machines in a casino could turn things hot. Hitting those bonus rounds and making big amounts of cash can easily set one on fire, figuratively. Bally Technologies understand that feeling and for that, they have created the slot machine game that keeps the fire burning. The fireball slot game is a crazy, multi-denominational game that can be easily mastered by newbies, casual, and hardcore slot players. It is designed to keep players on their set while the game is dishing out hot and flaming jackpot wins for the lucky winners.

The game is pretty accessible anywhere since this particular software is available with mobile versions. Players can have it downloaded on both iOS and Android platforms.

How Does the Game Works?

The game is as simple as it can get. One thing about the game is that it doesn’t have too many symbols to confuse the players while maximizing the chances of getting a win. As usual, there are low-tier symbols with a decent number of prizes and higher-level symbols with bigger and better rewards. Low-tier symbols are the dollar sign, explosives, and mixed bar signs. These symbols reward a maximum of 25 credits. The middle-level signs are the bar sign, the bar sign with a number 5 in the middle, and any color mix of number 7. These middle-level symbols can reward players up to 100 credits. Lastly, the high-level symbols are number 7 with multiple colors. Maximum reward for high-tier symbols is 1000 credits.

The good thing about this game is that it has a return-to-player or RTP of 96%. That means the player can get their total bet in 96 out of 100 spins. The game was created back on June 9th of 2015. The graphics are pretty good considering it is a 2015 game.

There are 40 pay lines for this particular game. The layout structure follows a standard 4x5. That means it has 4 rows and 5 reels. It could be a straight line, zigzag, slanted line, V-shaped, and more. Just like any regular slot game, Fireball also has its own special symbols. The Fireball logo acts as a scatter symbol and triggers the special event of the game. When there are 3 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels, the game will enter the fireball bonus feature.

Bonus Rounds

Fireball bonus rounds will definitely set you on fire. This bonus rounds allow players to easily win multiple free credits. When the player collects at least three scatter cards, the screen will start to change and it will show a bunch of planets. The fireball will then start hitting these planets and they will turn into mini-games. These mini-games extend the prizes that a player can win aside from the rewards during the standard round. During this round, the player can win re-spins and the prizes they received will be added on the next re-spin. This increases the chance of winning the progressive jackpot.


Players can get easily hooked into the game because of a higher probability of getting into the jackpot bonus round. That’s where the money comes in. It does not really matter what the position of each fireball symbols is. As long as you have at least three of them, it automatically enters the bonus round with a few mini-slots to play. What most players complain about the game is that the standard pay lines don’t give as much reward as they should. The reward bracket for each standard pay line isn’t that much and the probability of getting a good haul is no good either. So, you can’t really rely on them to get a decent amount of money. The best way to win big is to pray for your luck to get the fireball symbols on every spin.

The game’s graphics and audio make each play more interesting as well. Every time that the player manages to reel in a fireball symbol, the game plays different audio to make things more exciting. Lastly, Bally Tech games are easily compatible with any device. Most Bally games are easily portable to mobile devices, making it more accessible to the players wherever they are.

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